Saturday, July 23, 2016

Carolina Herrera Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/03/2015.

There isn't much to say about Carolina Herrera's 2016 Resort collection. It was as predictably beautiful as ever, and when concerning Herrera, that is no Damning with Faint Praise at all! Herrera is one of those designers, in the Karl Lagerfeld vein of thinking. She could, Easily, rest on her laurels and churn out repeats of her past glories and far surpass many designers in the business by hectares, yet she is always striving to push her clothes to the future while still retaining what is essential Carolina! It has made her one of the most Respected and Savvy designers on the circuit. 

This collection was filled with Gorgeous pieces that are earmarked for Glamourous moments any where in the world they may travel to, From Fifth Avenue, to Bond Street, to the Rue de la Paix! The collection relied much on Floral prints and an over-scale Feather print that gave the collection a feminine lightness and effervescence, but this being Carolina Herrera, this was counterpointed by a Regal and Dramatic flair in her Signature, ALWAYS Breathtaking Full-Throttle Antebellum Ballgowns! So, while there was a Terrific DEEP Salmon colour Astrakhan suit with a cropped jacket and brief skirt for those moments when life isn't a Red Carpet, There was a Over-The-Top STUNNING Ballgown in an intense shade of Watermelon Red with those Plumes printed on it that was the living embodiment of the word "Sweeping" Epic would also be a good word!  

Another contrapunctal moment, A mod-ish Shift in Baby Blue with little Navy ties on the sides was as chic as could be and made for strolling the cobbled streets of Venice as it would be walking the same cobbled streets of Boston, then directly following that look was a Sweet, Demure even, Yet altogether Grandiose Two-piece Organza Ballgown in the same ebullient shade with a little Navy beaded flower on the waist, it was channeling a vibe that both a Uptown Mother and her Daughter could wear with unparalleled ease and both look not too young, or too old! 

So, yet again, Success! Carolina Herrera isn't simply "Consistent" that's a Given and it's also kind of a slur! She is Brilliant! She knows her oeuvre and is constantly redefining what that is and how it looks. She doesn't linger in the past, Her own or any one else's! Her clothes are directly for the NOW! This is why she is the Formidable Powerhouse of fashion that she is, and for the envisioned future, Shall Remain so! 

That's All.


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