Wednesday, July 13, 2016

DKNY Resort 2016.

Fri. 05/29/2015.

What exactly Donna Karan presented for her DKNY Resort 2016 collection, still remains a mystery to me. It was... Well... It was Terrible. It was Plain, and Odd! NOT, a good combination. Nothing felt like it was designed for any woman, of any time! It skewed Idiosyncratic and not in the best usage of that word. Off proportions, Sheer and Solid mixed to disagreeable effect, Overscale slouchiness and just no attention to what makes a woman look less like she's escaped an mental institution and more like she's a Fashionista with edge! 

Few and Far between moments of sanity revealed Karan's legendary skills, a Milk White Coat and Sweater set with Velvet (VELVET...???) Sweatpants had ample possibility as did the Violet Sequin shift with Sheer overlay paired with skinny ankle cropped pants, a thoroughly modern take on Evening if ever there was one. The Rest? Best not to mention. It's an embarrassment for Karan and did not show her in her best light. As of the writing of this, it is well known Karan was Deposed from her label(s) by the new owners of her company, perhaps that she knew this was coming shadowed this collection and gave it it's hopeless and dour nature. One would have to wish that that was the case, for the alternative is depressingly more sad!

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