Friday, July 22, 2016

Michael Kors Collection Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/02/2015.

From the first look out, it was obvious that Michael Kors was in a Playful mood for his Utterly Sensational Resort 2016 collection. A Mink topper done in a "Q-Bert" like grid optical intarsia in Black, White and Caramel. It could have read as 60's Mod or 70's Pimptastic, either or, it was Giddily wonderful and a surefire way to pique the interest of what was to follow! What did come afterwards had hints of Lisa Taylor in her Infamous Helmut Newton shot image of her in a decidedly raunchy and provocative manner wearing a Calvin Klein dress, which Kors had said the image of was "Frozen in his Mind!" whilst he was creating the collection, to even a bit of Mary Tyler Moore from her eponymous show in the 70's! 

There were inflections of Capri (in the Blue and Green colour mix) and favorite Kors touchstone Ali McGraw in the coats and jackets and sweaters with shirt collars and cuffs peaking out. Crisp Pleats and longer hems gave a throwback vibe as well but seemed resolutely modern, The optical prints brought a refreshing sense of newness to Kors' usual stable of Solids and reliable plaids, checks and dots, and it gave a punch of quirk to whatever it was splashed on (and only in Michael Kors World, does a optic print Mink even conceivably ring as perfectly right for a Resort collection!) Colour-Blocking was in evidence also, and hit a Spectacular note in Look No. 5 on Ondria Hardin in Black, Caramel and Coral. More Kors-ian was a Shift dress in super supple Toast suede with Caramel Leather trim that evoked Moto and Mod at the same moment! 

Rarely does Kors ever falter, his Fall 2015 collection was actually one of those rarities, what it lacked, was what this collection had in spades, Fun, Spirited, Dynamic clothes for the Woman who is as at home on a Jet to Majorca as she is in a High Rise on the Upper East Side. Michael Kors' woman EMBODIES Jet-Set and aspirational dressing,  This collection was a perfect reflection of her and her way of living, That women of a somewhat lesser ilk can also identify with the clothes, is just part of Kors' Legendary talent and Skill at speaking to women of all walks of life! 

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