Thursday, July 7, 2016

Max Mara Resort 2016.

Weds. 05/20/2015.

While claiming that London was the inspiration for the collection, seeing as the show coincided with the opening of their new boutique on Old Bond Street, Max Mara's Resort 2016 presentation was all over the place and didn't pin down exactly whether it wanted to be a Winter Wonderland resort collection or a Warn Weather Getaway kind of show! What with, Fur Aviator-cum-Trapper hats on all the exits, Thick Fur scarves, and yes, even Fur coats on the one hand, Leather Boxing Trunks and Sunny Beach colours and Floral prints on the other. The way the collection was styled... It looked like it was more geared toward Bulking up one's Pre-Fall wardrobe more than say giving aspirational clothes to travel in. 

Given that there was such a Mixed Message going about, the collection proved to be pretty much exactly what a customer comes to Max Mara for, Great Suiting and Exceptional Coats in everything from the Finest Cashmere to Mink, Fox and other furry woodland creatures. The biggest message was somehow, Cross-seasonal indeed, Leather (usually) Boxing Trunks over micro skinny trousers, as witnessed in the first exit. Chalk Stripes gave off a strong statement of Business, most memorable, Aamito Lagum's outfit at Exit No. 3 which was perhaps the DEFINING look of the entire collection. It. Was. FLAWLESS! Elsewhere, slim, long skirts abounded as did Precisely Tailored Pantsuits (So Refreshing) As was the overblown Rose print that looked like optical art, looking best in a Raspberry ensemble topped by a Sheared Mink coat in deepest Auburn!

Generally, there wasn't much to balk at here, the main problem was more of a confused nature to what season the collection wanted to firmly tackle. It didn't exactly read Balmy, nor did it fully say Ski Season, Either. Maybe it's the New Resort, the kind of woman who doesn't need to get away to relax, she's a woman who can Staycation in her stomping grounds and dress for the City she lives in, whatever the Temperature may choose to be! 

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