Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fendi Resort 2016.

Tues. 05/26/15.

It started in the Fall 2015 Fendi show, the peeks of the Spiky, Extra-Terrestrial looking Bird-Of-Paradise flowers, sticking out of the handbags in that show, adding a little bit of unhinged exotica to the collection and what Lagerfeld called, "Pleasant Aggresivity" He used that phrase again as the Jumping-Off-Point for his and Silvia Venturini-Fendi's 2016 Resort collection. This Resort collection had everything in it that could be wanted or asked for by the Fendi regulars and non-regulars alike! Technical wizardry is Stock-and-Trade for Fendi, having facilities that can bring to life all that Lagerfeld and Venturini-Fendi can dream up with shocking acumen! 

Here, the technical prowess was evident all over, Matelasse quilting which looked achieved by machine was actually woven into material as a print, White Birds-Of-Paradise flowers were laser cut out of Leather or Fur and inset into A Gilet or a Blazer giving a Shadow-like effect, Mink and Denim were suffused together in a Trench that looked for all it was worth like the Plushest French Terry known to mankind! There was yet, MORE, but to delve into all the dazzling techniques and manipulations is to take away much of the nuance and subtlety of the clothes, Lagerfeld and Venturini-Fendi don't expend all this effort for it to be a Dissertation on the skill and exactitude of their craftsmanship, the clothes are to be worn and lived with to experience all their wonder, Suffice it to say, the Multihued Fox and Mink coat with the word "Fendi" intarsiaed into the front of the coat is a sight to behold! 

There was plenty here to absorb and digest, as is the case with any Fendi collection, Admittedly, there was a certain sense of Freedom and Edgy, Giddy Delight flourishing during this outing, maybe the Exotic nature of the Bird-Of-Paradise flower gave Lagerfeld license to play a bit more than usual, one cannot be sure, however, what evidence that was provided by the clothes seems to suggest, a good time was had, and WILL BE had, By All!

That's All.


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