Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Altuzarra Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/01/2015.

Oft times, it is the simplest of expressions that make the most defined impact. In the case of Joseph Altuzarra's 2016 Resort presentation, that moment occurred at Look No. 16 on Alexandra Elizabeth Lyadov, whatever Altuzarra was trying to say with the other pieces in this collection, seemed to blur into the background when this Utterly Simple, yet Perfect outfit came into view! The Salmon Pink Silk blouse paired with White Trousers of such Impeccable cut, that they have the potential to produce Tears, was so Momentous and Exquisitely Calibrated, it almost defied explanation and made one wonder how no one could have thought of this yet. Yes, it was just a Blouse and Pants... But it was, Astounding in it's simplistic nature and impact! 

So, while that outfit pushed all my buttons, Altuzarra cobbled together one of the most Impressive Resort showings thus far, if not in the top percentile! From the Opening Sublime White pantsuit with Frayed Seams to an utterly Gorgeous ensemble of a Pale Pumpkin coloured coat and Black Dress, to that same Pumpkin colour rendered in a Sexifyingly Sultry suit! Add into that mix, some Devastatingly difficult bead stringing constructed into body limning evening pieces and you have a Standout showing of Mammoth proportions! Altuzarra, like Jason Wu, Alexander Wang and Derek Lam, are all the New Lions of New York fashion, Joseph Altuzarra has a P.O.V unlike anyone else and if he keeps perfecting it in the way that he has in this collection, he will find himself amongst the Royalty of not only American Fashion, But Global Fashion! 

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