Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Burberry Resort 2016.

Thurs. 05/21/2015.

Being that the Trench is the Bread-and-Butter heritage of the house of Burberry, you can always bet your bottom Pound Sterling that Christopher Bailey, (CEO and Creative Director) will offer witty and inventive twists and takes on the staple. Resort 2016 offered some of the best variants seen in some time from the house and as well stayed true to it's Romantically Boho-Urban Hippy/Hipster look that it has perfected, What was more surprisingly on tap was a luxurious and artisanal bent to much of the clothes that incorporated shaved feathers, intricate lace and exacting basket weaving and macrame that lent an almost Rococo sensibility to some pieces (Most evidently in a Stunning Gold T-shirt dress done in an exceptionally difficult and multi form style at Look No. 16!)

As mentioned there were feathers, shaved down to resemble fur and done in a deceptive animal style that looked like a print, but wasn't. It achieved it's best moment in again, the house signature, A Trench! And Lace abounded aplenty, as the insets on the side of a Black Chesterfield, rendered out of Punchwork and Broderie Anglaise in an Ivory Trench, Shown under a Zebra print fur in Bold, Black Guipure and most brilliantly in a Architectural Cafe Au Lait Guipure Trench that definitely will be heading to the closets of many Burberry loyalists! 

A final smattering of Bloomsbury worthy Boho gowns rounded things out convincingly, the Finale dress in Black Lace was the best of the bunch and had something of that Puritanical, Chaste Chiuri/Piccioli Valentino vibe to it, but was far and away sexier and less ascetic! Bailey's Burberry of late has been one mess of misses after another, each collection feeling as stagnant and redundant as the last and falling essentially flat. Here, he corrected that trajectory and it made for a Fabulous Outing full of delectations for his clients to indulge in. Hopefully he can keep the Leviathan that is Burberry heading down this path of renewal! 

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