Thursday, July 28, 2016

Calvin Klein Collection Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/03/2015.

Taking a good look at Francisco Costa's 2016 Resort collection is like taking an Ultra-Modern look back at 1920's Tennis outfits, those worn by Suzanne Lenglen and designed by Patou. The modernity came via the SUPER low-slung belts and a more streamlined profile to the clothes that embraced ease through a prism of sleekness and sharpness. The collection also, Finally, truly looked like a collection beholden to the name above the door, an innate "Calvinist" thread ran widely through this fantastic showing. 

Aside from the Drop waist looks and pleated skirts, Costa offered some re-imaginings of house staples that were setting a new Gold Standard for La Maison. Take a look at the muddy Yellow detail-less trench in strips of shiny Eelskin, or the White Satin slip dress worn over a sheer net Tee! The Petrol Blue belted waist shift dress was probably the Hands-Down Star of the show! Costa presented us with an Impeccable collection of clothes that, One: Offered up modern versions of house classics and made them as equally appealing, and Two: Injected a Languid, Fluid sense of Modern ease to clothes that had a definite retro aura to them. It was handled with a Depth of Facility and Brilliance hard to come by! A Remarkable Effort, to be sure! 

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