Saturday, July 23, 2016

Monique Lhuillier Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/03/2015.

Pretty, but congested. Monique Lhuillier's Resort 2016 collection was Beautiful, and it was also a trifle too much. A more succinct edit would have made a world of difference! Truthfully, did we need all those Dance skirt dresses, especially the two in Lime Green and Marine Blue Matelasse? That was then followed by one in Cotton Candy Pink embellished Lace? Charming, Yes. Pretty, YES! Necessary... Not really! Then compound this with a Floral overload, splashed over almost every look, and the visual indigestion began to set in!

The best things in the collection were the times Lhuillier did something unexpected... As in the Floral print Cutaway Frock jacket paired with a delicate Lace dress under, the coat having a hint of McQueen to it and looking all the better for it. Or the White drawstring waist Caftan Goddess gown with Ruby Red Lace encrusted around the Neck and Shoulders... It was Sensual and a little Daring, but in a Sophisticated, Bond Girl type of way! (Why in the Name of the Father she repeated it in the VERY NEXT LOOK with a different Floral Embroidery pattern, only the Heavens know!?) The final 2 gowns stole the presentation, in Delft-like Floral printed Gazar, those two Beauties were Drama Plus! 

In the end, It wasn't by any means a disappointment of a show, it just wasn't fully living up to it's potential, mainly because it was bedraggled by extraneous and superfluous looks and some looks that just were downright, Boring. A Keener edit next time, and Lhuillier will strike the Bell Clarion Clear! 

That's All.


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