Thursday, July 28, 2016

Zac Posen Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/03/2015.

To call Zac Posen's 2016 Resort effort disappointing borders on a gargantuan achievement in understatement! I, kindly, in deference to the fact that I find Mr. Posen EXCEPTIONALLY talented, refrain from calling it something ungentlemanly, but, Egads! Was it ever a Strike Out Swing and a Miss! Firstly, it looked Dowdy, and in a way that things that are generally categorized as Matronly would find unappetizing. The Flats were the first of many errors, The colours were of less offence but not by much. And aside from all that, the clothes didn't raise the pulse speed in any way, they were... Dull. Lifeless and at times, majorly overdesigned.

To settle upon the graceless aspects of this collection like an all-enrobing fog would simply be to tirade on an already sore subject just for the cause of inflicting more malice. The good things? An Exquisite to the Max Midnight Blue Satin Goddess gown that was giving sublime Jean Harlow references. And the Black gown lined in Lemon Chiffon Yellow with an intriguing Off-Shoulder neckline was checked off as a winner too! The last gown in the Look Book, a Flotilla of Black Silk had an apparent Charles James P.O.V. that was executed to a most lovely degree! 

This was by no means a successful collection, but it had it's moments, and many a time, all that there is to offer, are moments. 

That's All.


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