Friday, July 22, 2016

Erdem Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/03/2015.

Erdem Resort 2016.

There was A LOT going on in Erdem Moralioglu's 2016 Resort presentation. Perhaps, No not perhaps, DEFINITELY, Too Much! So many ideas were weaving around one another than much of it didn't fit the narrative presented. What that narrative was, was equally problematic to grasp. We know for a fact, Florals were a thing. They were profuse, and at times, darkly unromantic. There was much Beautiful and Pretty to marvel at, but as Moralioglu began to explore ideas hither and yon, everything began to fold in on itself and seem, to be kind, Incoherent. Weird scrolls of ruffles and repetitious silhouettes hijacked the collection from having a definitive focus, especially when you then add to the mix a Tweedy section, a Lace section, A Pink Fil Coupe dress that was a Grandiose mistake, in it's voluminous proportion and in it's drab plainness.

Even more distracting and frankly, Hideous, was a Leather skirt in tiers of ruffles that should have suffered an early abortion of the idea and never seen the light of day, Moralioglu just had too many plates spinning at once to give the proper focus to the right ideas, which when they were right were decidedly fantastic! A Black coat with a Vintage-y floral creeping around it was Magnificent and something that would fit in the Wardrobe of an Adult Wednesday Aadams when she wanted to be... Whimsical! A long White Floral print gown was also currying favour. Aside from that... not much was impressing this viewer and much seemed way to contrived and inorganic to pursue further investigation. A Surefire Miss on Moralioglu's part this outing!

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