Friday, July 29, 2016

Alexander Wang Resort 2016.

Thurs. 06/04/2015.

Cool comes, it would seem, to Alexander Wang with amazing ease. He delivers a variation on "Cool" with each collection and seems to refine and hone it effortlessly! It's his Niche, and one he works with exceptional aptitude. Resort was just another exploration of Wang into that thicket, and it was an especially Streetwise and Tough-edged one. His woman this time out wasn't looking to be any place that might be considered even remotely "Uptown" this was a Bowery girl. Soho, Chelsea, Not Astor Place, Upper East or West Anything or Manhattan, shockingly though, deconstructed from Wang's vision of the clothes, they could be as apt there as anywhere! 

With a Strong Utilitarian and functionality based appeal to much of the clothes, they aped work wear that one could imagine was from a Couture version of Dickies! But the best looks, were when Wang hit the hardest and didn't compromise Tough Chick Chic and went Balls Out for a Urban Warrioress look in her full regalia. So, the opening look of a Belted waist Leather dress worn with a White printed sweater hit that note right from the start, A Zippered cropped Leather top and pants also hit that sweet spot, although it had a giddy little frisson of Sandy from "Grease" (Olivia Newton-John Era) running through it. Best of the bunch, an Uber tough Leather Motorcycle jacket tucked into Dark Denim cutoffs! Rocking!

Other standouts, A Plonge Leather sleeveless top in Black worn with Army Green Bermudas that was one of the best looks in the collection, a sublimely simple column in Black Silk cut like a Slim-Line Caftan was as much ready for the Met (Opera or Gallery) as it was for strolling in Tunisia or lounging on a Yacht! If the mix is the message, then Wang's message was delivered Loud and Clear. These pieces could be Girly and Sweet, Or Tough and Savage. Cultivating such duality and getting it just right should be Applauded Vociferously! CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!!!!! 

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