Saturday, July 2, 2016

Boss Resort 2016.

Tues. 05/19/2015.

Jason Wu has faltered hard in his tenure so far at Boss. He has tried to enmesh himself in the DNA of the house and within that context, suppress all the things that make him such a great designer. It's not been a Pretty affair, but it has shown glimmers of hope. His 2016 Resort collection is just such a glimmer. It was, insofar, his best collection for the house to date, Back to Front. While so far his tenure has been hallmarked by awkward ideas and weakness of vision, here, the collection was Strong, Cohesive and Natural. Wu left the tricks to kids and ushered forth a collection for a woman that is all business! 

A swirling Animal print in shades of Pale Blue enlivened greatly the pieces they were splashed upon, while a print that Wu said was inspired by Sand Dunes did the same thing with a more Graphic nature, especially Snappy in a Belted trench! Some Razor-Sharp suiting and a severe, pure line kept the rest of the collection Bold and Streamlined with little muss or fuss, executed in shades of Hothouse Tomato Red and Black, everything felt ready for the takedown at any moment's notice! Just Marvel, truly MARVEL at the Insanely Chic Red wrap coat of Look 16! Perfection! No doubts about it! Add in some relaxing Beige near the end, and a couple of Arty White dresses and you have a Resort collection that most women will take well into their Vacations and Beyond. These pieces are destined for more than a getaway... They're destined to become Staples! 

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