Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tibi Resort 2016.

Tues. 06/02/2015.

For all of Amy Smilovic's concentration spent on DNA and such Epehemera, one needed to really leave such a belaboring theme by the wayside and focus flatly on the clothes. If one does such, they will find Attractive pieces made for the women who doesn't consider jaunting off to Santorini or Ibiza for her vacay. Smilovic's Resort collection was as easy to integrate into the everyday as they would be to take on a jaunt to some exotic locale, in fact, more so. 

Edgy and Modern are De Riguer for the Tibi label, this time out there was plenty of that to go around, contrasted nicely with easier to digest looks like a Electric Lime sweater with a Slinky Pencil skirt with a raw hem, cut on the bias that exuded relaxed chic, as did a softer Grass Green top and Putty Paper-Bag waist Leather skirt. There was enough here to stimulate the senses, DNA esoterica or not, and much to craft a wardrobe out of. It wasn't the most soul-stirring collection of clothes, but it doesn't have to be to fulfill the needs of the Modern, Urban woman! And that task was handle expertly and proficiently!

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