Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Marissa Webb Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/01/2015.

Marissa Webb injected a dose of frilly, giddy femininity into her Military flavoured Resort 2016 collection, adding a ruffle hem and there, a double Bustle onto the back of a Army Green Fatigue jacket, paired funnily enough with matching quilted Moto pants cropped well above the ankle... Don't Worry, It worked! But Webb is smart enough not to hitch her wagon to just this one Star. There were more romantic leanings and some more Urban City looks to round things out.

Par Example, Take the way she deconstructed the Trench into Quartz Pink skirt or bisecting it into two pieces of a jacket and skirt that looked like one piece, but wasn't quite! More city ready was a FLAWLESS Striped Black/White tie-neck blouse paired with some of the most Faultlessly cut Black Cropped pants ever seen! Even more Sterling... The White Pantsuit that was Covetous in the Absolute Extreme. 

Webb is one of those designers that just GETS how Modern dressing is supposed to be, Edgy, Modern, Urban, but retaining the principles of why women get dressed for their Days and Nights. She's something of a Fashion Alchemist, she knows just how far to push the boundaries and colour outside the lines, but how also not to go off the page! That makes her offerings always Special and Worthwhile!

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