Sunday, July 24, 2016

Christian Siriano Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/03/2015.

In a Splashy, Colourful and frankly, Campily Outlandish ode to Palm Beach, Christian Siriano whipped up one helluva Delightful and Playful collection. Not without it's faults the collection is easily forgiven by it Joyous nature and glamourous Joie de Vivre. Dominated by saturated hues of Peach and Pink and Turquoise, Fuschia, Lemon, Lavender and more, Siriano did not play it one whit safe with the excess or eccentricity. Beautiful, Bold prints were evident in nearly every look, an Impressionistic floral to start things off in Peach and Magenta, Stripes in multiple hues, a folkloric "Monkey" Print, and a downright Stunning Brushstroke floral in Coral Orange and White that was perhaps the best of the bunch!

Siriano let his baser instincts take over, and the collection was much more desirable and wonderful for it... recently, it's felt as if Siriano has been fighting himself in the desire to evolve his aesthetic and move away from the aspects of his design that made him such a Wunderkind in the first place. This collection had the feeling that he let himself go back to those Halcyon days and just do what he does best and loves to do. As the collection proved, That would seem to be the winning tack for him to take from here forward! 

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