Monday, July 18, 2016

Wes Gordon Resort 2016.

Mon. 06/01/2015.

Wes Gordon, admittedly, has a thing for 90's era Fashion. Especially of the New York sportswear designer variety. With intimations of the early, minimal/grunge portion of that decade, and also a healthy Soupcon of the mid-90's Glam, Gordon crafted his Resort 2016 collection upon these principles. It was an Upbeat and "Happy" (according to the designer) showing with some pieces that will be quickly coveted by loyalists and newbies alike. 

Some of the collection felt a tad too, meandering, as if some of the clothes were not really jelling in with the rest of the outfits... But, those moments were few, yet enough to distract. Gordon found the most success when he kept things Classy and didn't try to relax too much, Gordon is not at his best when his clothes try to emote edgy and offbeat. He's at his peak, when he's deconstructing the codes of what is Modern Luxe and finding his own uniquely Stylish variations on that theme. Like the simply divine combo of a Crimson Red Suede coat with a Camel Fine-Rib knit skirt. Quiet, Refined, but altogether Sumptuous! Also, take for example, the Coat/Jacket and matching dress in Khaki Double-face Cotton which had Grunge and Minimal working together harmoniously. 

The Beautiful Schlaepfer Lace of St. Gallen, Switzerland, was a Welcome addition and added a bit of punchy colour to the not-so-subdued palette and a bit of 90's quirk! Gordon gave a strong effort with this collection, one that most often, succeeded brilliantly. Though the one problem that can be foreseen, at some point, Gordon must reconcile the halves of his aesthetic, either the Inheritor of the crown as the new Prince of Uptown chic, or a 90's loving quirkster... he can be either, with great talent to spare in whichever hemisphere he decides, but he cannot be both! 

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