Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Victoria Beckham Resort 2016.

Weds. 06/03/2015.

Victoria Beckham's 2016 Resort collection was something of a mixed bag, delivering on the one hand, Quirky, subtly unique Sportswear with a bit of a delightfully British skew, and on the other some Super polished High-End pieces (Especially the few evening pieces she designed) that recalled her early halcyon days of designing slender body loving Wiggle gowns. Cross-Pollinate these two ideas and you get a Confusing hybrid that did not, per se, amble in the incoherent, but did feel at odds with itself.

As a sportswear forward house now, Victoria Beckham's voice is still immature and young, where as, in the beginning of her label,  her Evening gowns were Right On The Money, because she was designing with her purest self then, this new path has felt shaky and ill-at-ease from the start. This Resort collection, showed Beckham strengthening her perspective and honing in on what her label is to finally, truly, become. One could catch snatches and snippets of what that will look like, the High Waist trench in Vellum, the Confident combo of slim Black trousers with a Sequined top. And most obviously with the Scintillating Black floor sweeping gown with the asymmetric neckline! If Beckham's Future collections ever capture the unbridled power of that gown, Beckham will be on the road to success. As of now, she seems to be approaching a mighty big Fork in the road... where she goes from here,.. Whom is to Know!

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