Friday, September 13, 2013

Alexander Wang.

Sat. 09/07/2013

Alexander Wang.

It doesn't get any cooler it would seem than Alexander Wang. Does It? His Collection Sat. was one of High-Spirited Fun and Good-Natured Humour! Deciding to indulge in a bit of Logomania (which I, for one, would FIRMLY love to see the Designers who started that trend reconnect with, Chanel, Versace, Gucci, et. al.) which in Wang's hands was an assured and funny take on the whole idea.

Even with all the funny, the clothes lost none of the elemental Cool that makes a Wang show so Desirable to watch and so Coveted to be at! I hope one day to be invited, even if it's like 27th row... just to feel the energy of this kind of Wunderkind would be Life-Affirming! Opening up with a Calibrated view on Brief, with some of the Shortest of the Short hemlines so far this NYFW... the hems didn't come off Trampy or even, by the Pervailing feeling of Hijinx, Campy. What they did come off were Punishingly Cool. You have to have your body SO Right to pull these Micro Brief hems off, with Perfectly toned and Lithe limbs and of course a Taut and Sleek midsection! Not for the faint of heart, or body! In the first 3 exits, Wang pulled off something of a Mullet Idea Alchemy... Business Up Top, Party Down Below! Mainly because he paired the teeny hemlines with rather strict, Sober Tailored pieces on top that gave a Tougher vibe than the skirts were giving off. Yin-Yang... Confident.

Exit No. 7 was of quiet interest too... being that it was a little Mod-ish Baby doll dress with a Mock neck cut out of a Stiffened Men's Shirting material. It was Smoulderingly Sexy, but so imbued with Effortless Ease! Then the Two "Parental Advisory" Tops were High Fun as were the long gloves with Wang's Name on them! Then in the Micro Houndstooth pieces that accompanied, we find Quietly and Quixotically "Alexander Wang" Spelled out in the pattern of the Fabric! CHEEKY MONKEY! More Overt, Less Subtle to follow in his name literally Spelled out on the fabric looking like a print. And the two tops that looked like mesh was actually his name in an openwork crochet!

Though it was most Laugh out Loud Audacious and Awesome in the laser Cut leather pieces that for some, were also feats of technical Brilliance. Mainly, those Stitched Panel Pleated Skirts and Dresses that ended the show where the pleats opened up to reveal The Cutwork leather behind them... INGENIEUX!

There was tons else to mention... The Killer Shoes, The Dresses and Skirts Made out of Strips of Letter Stenciled Leather sewn together to form his name... The Denim Stitched trio from Exit's No. 32-34 on Julia Nobis, Kasia Struss and Caroline Brasch Nielsen that were perhaps the Most Winning pieces of the show! But it was the Logomania that won out and gave us all a little lift of much needed levity and surprise! Only someone so Serious about his work as Wang is could also so joyfully Tongue-In-Cheek poke a little fun at the fashion machine and also himself and make it still the Pinnacle of Chill!

Of the many Things that Wang is so Successful at, This Ability to Be Funny and Fierce all in the same Gesture is one of his best. We haven't seen this side before... I for one, Chillrens, Hope it becomes one more of the Wang Codes and Signatures to add to the panoply of Tropes he already has!

It would be A Great Happiness indeed to see some Humour Injected back into fashion, Don't You Think?!?!

That's All.


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