Sunday, September 8, 2013

Richard Chai Love

Thurs. 09/05/2013

Richard Chai Love.

What a subtly Interesting show Richard Chai presented us with for Spring 2014. How exactly do you Reconcile the Easy, Breezy soft side of the collection with the Strict, Strong hard side? Somehow, More successfully than not, Pretty easy it seemed! From the Strict, yet Soft opening Exit, A Clean, Spare, Sleeveless Jacket worn with a Filmy breeze of a Slim skirt over Wider Trousers all in white but the trousers vertically striped in a Brilliant hue of Red. It struck a Reserved, Yet Exuberant chord that gave Flight to the rest of the collection! The best pieces struck that Juxtaposed Balance between Grit and Grace. Most to Charming and very Wearable effect!

Some Highlights, Minx Xi in Exit No. 8, A Tough, Urban bleached white Moto Coat with Quilted detailing over a Sensuously Flimsy Filmy sheer top with a full liquid skirt that gave all kinds of Volume but very little Bulk! Exit No. 11 was also a Head-Turner in a Flamenco Red Bias Slip Gown worn over a pair of Floral and Labyrinth print Trousers that teetered on that Line of 90's Grunge without being too Obeisant to that era, Although it is quickly playing out that the 90's is the Touchstone of the season and there will be MULTIPLE Intimations to the Grunge Period!

One of my FAVE Exits was No. 15. A Languid Gown in a Blue/White Labyrinth Print that glided along with immense Liquidity. It was also just really beautifully cut and flattering! But the Highlight of the entire show came in Exit No. 21... Mackenzie Drazan's Lithe, Sublimely Long, Limber Frame was Gorgeously Spotlit in a Simple Cropped Black/White Stripe top and fluid floor-length Black skirt. The Quiet Impact of the Precisely Measured Pieces was nothing short of Gasp Inducing in it's Simple Grace and Quiet Elegance but also still firmly tethered to the Grunge/Tough Chic Firmament as to not be Wilted and Wafty and Milquetoast!

Everything from then on, To Moi, Was trying to live up to the Impact of that Severe and Spare and Superior Moment of Exit No. 21! perhaps it all didn't but none of the rest failed to fit right in with that Master Stroke! it was all, Surprisingly Brilliant! Was it shaking the heavens with in it's Innovation or Provocation.... Well, Hardly. But that was not the point. Finding a interesting path to follow, Sticking to it and making it as beautiful as that idea can be was the Catch of the day here and it all fell into place Perfectly! There was much to LOVE at Richard Chai Love this Day. And Many women will be feeling all that love come Spring 2014, That, I can Assure You, Chillrens!

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