Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jason Wu.

Fri. 09/06/2013.

Oh, What A Feeling! It was nice to see Jason Wu back in Fighting form after his, Admittedly, Beautiful but Weak showing for Fall 2013. Nice, But again... All was not in proper stead! This was a Relaxed and Slinky collection for Wu, This Spring 2014 Collection. Though it wasn't as Perfect as some of his earlier work. 

The Casual/Urban Safari Look Suited him well as it was a new riff for him, but just something about all those slip-ish things in the show gave it a 90's Grunge effect that was Fresh in his hands, but also, Jarring. This 90's Grunge thing is Here to Stay! That's all there is to it! Spring 2014 is heading down the 90's revival road headlong with no sign of stopping it... and Good! Let it have it's moment. It certainly, upon reflection was a Unique Moment and one that bears revisiting! 

So, Now on to Wu Spring 2014... Having cleared that air... The Glistening Gown on Karen Elson that opened the show was definitely Lovely, also quite the Stunner to open with. though somewhat, it failed to Give the pulse a Race. It was a little to... Wan in substance to truly give the collection Bounce and Esprit. And that mood hung in the air like a stale mist. There was little Substance to these Often Gorgeous Outfits... nothing that transfigured the watcher like many of Wu's shows of Yore. it felt Boudoir in the opening without the Gusto of the Grunge Girls from the 90's... It was too Upmarket and Precious... Grunge with really No GRUNGE To it! Glitzy, but not Ballsy! yes, the 90's have been long gone but if that's the mood being channeled Here There and Everywhere... it has to be updated so that one can Reconcile the Glamour with the Grunge! 

An Aside... that Outfit on Ashleigh Good, Exit No. 8... BURN IT! It was Ungainly and as much as I LOVE Jason, I must say, it was Ill-Conceived and Ill-Constructed. That Bustline Drives me BANANAS It just doesn't do a DAMN thing for a girl as Flat and Stiff as Ashleigh with her Bulldog face! I KNOW She's Karl's New Hot Cup O' Vanilla Latte... I Just find her to look like an Old Boot in the face and she is STIFF in her walk and Graceless... Thankfully though, She's not Nearly as Homely as Julia Nobis.... is any Girl Really?

However, I Digress... Liu Wen in her Exit... No. 10 set the world Ablaze with Sex Appeal and Sass! GAW-LEE! PERFECTION! but in this moment of White Lightning... what was Exit No. 13 trying to convey? Really, if Anyone Knows... Write me and tell me! 'cus I am left Dumbfounded by it! 

And that wasn't the only Head Scratcher of the collection... but I have Reflected on the Low Points enough for now... The High Points that there were, were pretty Darn High! Exit No. 22... A Deep Sea Green Beaded Stunner on Zuzanna Bijoch! or the Beaded Beauties of Exits No. 31 and 33... both Highly Desirable and Particularly Fetching! I Must confess, Exit 38 was Shockingly My Favorite of the whole collection! It just pulled all the elements from the Air and everything conspired to make it A KNOCKOUT look! from Maria Borges' LONG Limbs to the Titanormous Bag she carried. It was Tres Belle! 

So.... How to explain those Cataclysmic Lapses in Judgement that were the closers on Karlie and Kati?? There was Nothing Sexy or Glam about those Weighty Mistakes! It would have been SO much better to End on Pauline Hoarau's Exit Right before them and Leave a good impression, as it were, this was a discombobulated effort at GLAM-MORE that Sank As heavily as those Tufted Fishtails! 

I dunno, I Liked this showing from Wu... but it missed so much of the stuff that those of us who Love him Adore about his work. The Elaborate Femininity, The Decadence, The Sexed-Up Elegance... there were Bright glimpses of it... but there was too much other Stimuli that kept one from honing in on the Great stuff in the midst of all the Mediocre.

And Sadly, Chillrens... In the Fashion Game.. Mediocre is A More Taboo word than BAD! 

That's All.


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