Thursday, September 12, 2013

Herve Leger By Max Azria.

Sat. 09/07/2013.

Herve Leger By Max Azria.

Oh Dear Lord. What a Mess. What a Tragic, Tragic Mess. Incomprehensible in the extreme, It was nearly impossible to tell exactly what the Herve Leger collection was about? Was it about Zippers? Demi-Corsets? Flounced Hems? Strange Caterpillar like fringe just Stuck onto dresses? Mexico? Polynesia???? I give up!

Some of those opening zippered looks COULD have been tolerable had they not been so Fastidiously TRICKY! Just more Zips on those Garments than Michael Jackson kitted out in S/M Wear! HEE-HEE! WHOO! No. It just did not work. And then, the Lacy, Spacy cutout leather and subsequent prints that were meant to call to mind Polynesian Body Art? Say Wha-Huh? I hate being so dreadful, but this collection FAILED! On Every Level and In Every Way... I do need to mention... Exits 26-28... what was with the Strange Pelmets of Fringe? they looked like the dresses had sported Multiple Moustaches! The Stretched the tenuous limit of Credulity!

Herve Leger was once an Iconic Label, Giving woman Bombshell, Glamour Goddess Curves and Attitude. Taming the most wayward figure and enhancing it to Va-Va-Va-Voom Perfection! Now... in Max and Lubov's hands it has become a Silly, Useless Joke. They haven't the Sense of Sexuality that Hever LeRoux did and DOES, Nor his sense of Cut and of the Couture (Remember, Herve LeRoux was Karl's Assistant when he was hired in at Chanel and his co-conspirator for those early Collections... so the man KNOWS how to Craft a Garment... which is why Carolina Herrera keeps him like a Gigolo!)

I don't expect that things will improve much, their namesake collection is Floundering Tragically as it is... even though it sells, it does not look like anything but Detritus strewn together to make something out of Panic and Necessity!

And that Chillrens... Is Not what makes Fashion!

That's All.


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