Sunday, September 8, 2013

Creatures Of The Wind.

Thurs. 09/05/2013

Creatures Of The Wind.

Starting Off... have heard all the buzz about these guys, But have never paid any attention to them. Just not on My Fashion Radar. But, now I guess I have to give them a gander and see what the fuss is all about. Shane Peters and Christopher Gabier have seemed to cull something of a Following, Why Exactly after viewing this collection I am not quite sure. It wasn't Bad. In Fact, there was something Perversely Charming about it. There also is no lack of Talent or Inspiration here, just it's kinda.... Oh, I don't know, Heavy Handed and A BIT too Quirky and Self-Assured for it's own good!

Literally, Every outfit could auger REAMS of Analysis and Output of words in describing them and that's where the problem lies... It's like Lacroix on Acid AND METH! Where as even in his most Indulgent moments, Lacroix knew when to Judiciously say, ENOUGH! These Boys, Shane and Christopher Look at Enough and Say... "Nice Concept, Not Really!"

It Plagued their collection in it's most Decadent outfits, but also was part of the kind of Spirited Genius and Joie of the collection, which was FULL of Joie! The first few exits were quite Subdued in their intentions and execution. One Particularly well judged outfit was Exit No. 5.  Stone coloured trench with an EYE Searing Geranium Red Turtleneck and pastel Bubblegum Pink Shorts! The Coolness in colour of the Trench made the other pieces pop even more, but in a Good way! From there we started to see the Burbles of the Excess, but still kept to a gentle simmer, One other Exceptionally good look was Exit No. 13, A Papery, Glossy, Crunchy Leather dress in a Shimmery Cinnamon with a Wide Black band around the midriff with Leather Leaf/Frond Applique embroidery! Send that Honey RIGHT Over to Neiman Marcus!

However, in the next turn out, Things had begun to get a little Much! Colours, Textures, Prints all clashed in not the right kind of way. It had something of that Prada Effect back in the day of her "Sick Colours" blended together to make something Hideously Amazingly Beautiful and Gorgeous, but this had none of that Skill or Mastery! They are finding their way and Identity I would suppose and should not be chastised for their indulgences, but the quicker they resolve that high spirit of youth and inexperience into something more palatable the better!

Before i go One paragraph further I must SERIOUSLY Question the use of that AWKWARD Christmas Red and Silver Brocade Wrapping Paper Fabric that reared it's Outright Hideous Head more than once in the collection!?!? That, Young Bucks, Shouldn't have seen the light of day! It, in a collection that had a very Rich vein running through it, looked Cheap! Exuberance of Youth aside, You guys' inner Gay should have told you BURN THAT S*!T And Never let it be spoken of again!

I have to say, am Intrigued as to what these Gentleman are going to do as the years go on... they have to Singular Vision to be Unique and Succeed by Being just that! They can be that rare bird, Like once Upon a Time Isaac Mizrahi and Todd Oldham were, Completely their Own Type of Designer that Creates a New look in their own Microcosm, that no other designer could attempt to be or simply COULD Be!

Keeping An Eye On these Pups!

That's All.


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