Thursday, September 12, 2013

Christian Siriano.

Sat. 09/07/2013.

Christian Siriano.

Who would have thought that the Bratty but Lovable and STUPENDOUSLY Talented Young Lion of "Project Runway" Season 4 (And Winner of the season) Would transform as he has in his Aesthetic and Style. Many of us wanted him to stay the Boy/Man/Child he was of the Show and Stick to his Brilliant McQueen/Westwood influenced vision. But Fashion, Moves Dizzyingly and Remarkably fast now. And we also must remember, Lee Alex is, Sadly, Dead and Gone. Sarah Burton has moved on, and I think those of us who loved all the "Hot Tranny Mess" of it all and "Ferocia Coutura" Side of Mr. Siriano need to take a Breath and Behold the beauty of what is being designed in the Now.... None other than the Kaiser, The King, The Great One himself, Karl Lagerfeld has been oft fond of saying, "Those Who Glorify Their Past Make Their Present Secondhand!" PREACH!

So, it was with a Critical eye that I viewed the Christian Siriano show and even though I was not prepared fully to Bury the past the collection forced me to in a matter of moments! It was, Joyful! Exuberant! And perhaps even more Amazing, Siriano's most Mature and Solid Collection Yet! To be honest... in the past there have been some Wobbly collections... either suffering from Garish Over-Design or Imagination-less Under-Design! A happy medium was Betwixt and Between!

However... An assurance and confidence is evident in the clothes... someone whom has hit their stride and knows who and what he is as a fashion designer... so even though he can make a absolutely Gargantuan Ballgown that will steal your breath away... it's not always necessary for Siriano to do that anymore... If Ever again. That was the Blush of Youth. This is an Adult voice we hear now.

Inspired by "Isla Mujeres"  The "Island of Women" from his trip to Mexico, Siriano brought us Hot Weather Flower Prints from the Steamy South! The Opening Passage of overblown flower prints was all the more fresh and new when one realized that the flowers were printed on a Matelasse fabric which gave a subtle shimmery texture to the florals! After that at Exit No. 8 one of the prettiest dresses of the entire season... a Tangerine Asymmetric Shift dress that just melted over the body like Gelato!

Next Major Moment... A Section of Exits in a Black and White Zig-Zag that upon closer inspection was a print of the materials used to make the Handwoven Baskets Mexico done in a zig-zag.! it was Quite unexpected and worked like a dream!

With Exit No. 19... we Glimpsed that special thing about Siriano's work that Grasps us by the hand and carries us away to a Neverland of Beauty. The dress was an Embroiderer's NIGHTMARE But a Client's Dream Realized! It was so Intricate and Lavish... I dare say it bought to mind a Little bit of a Chanel/Lesage Moment, I will not lie! And the Colours... TO LIVE FOR! The next Pieces Shaggily Embroidered with Feather Plumes were Gaudily Magnificent... Please! I LOVE an Over-The-Top Feather Moment! DON'T YOU?!?!?

Prettiness Reigned all the way to the end of the show and Christian finished with a Guava Stunner and a Cream Dream! One quibble I Need to address.. instead of grouping all the Colour Sections pieces together... all Gauva, All Cream, All Citron Green... it would give the eye more relief if He broke them up and mixed the edit a little. Instead of them all coming out one Pinkish outfit after another... throw in one of the Cream or Citron outfits then back to the Guava... Just an Idea!

I truly enjoyed this collection. it was a Strong, Confident, Artistic and Easily wearable collection without ringing as too Commercial! It was special enough to be Editorial but Comprehensible enough for the customer to not be afraid of it!

All in All Chillrens... A Fine Job Indeed!

That's All.


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