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Sat. 09/07/2013.


Never thought I could possibly say this about a Joseph Altuzarra Collection, but Here I Am Saying It... *Big Inhale*

*Cue Michael Kors Voice...*

"To be quite Honest, I was Underwhelmed."

And Frankly, I was! Which is so odd... because it felt like the past few seasons or so... Joseph could do NO WRONG! His collections were Powerful, Modern, Artistic, Exciting... looking like the New Future of Fashion! Edgy and Urban and Chic all at once... this collection looked like a Stumble rather than a Cofident, Bold Stride forwards.

Much of the Problem lay in the Overly Complex and Tricky construction of some of the garments... (We will talk about those Mistakes of Lame Panne Velvet in Due Time...) However Louche and Smouldering the Incandescent Joan Smalls looked in Exit No. 1, Upon closer inspection that outfit just was too much going on in the skirt... up top it was Sensual, Relaxed, Aching with Possibility... then the skirt... A Jumble of Ideas all in one... the execution was there just the idea was flawed from the Inception! It wasn't Bad... It wasn't even Mediocre. it was Actually GOOD. It just was too many ideas in one piece of clothing all vying for attention! And why did it bear repeating immediately afterwards?

As the show continued it was one Increasingly Tricky AND Tricked out outfit after another, one thing being abundantly clear... even when he is off... Joseph's Clothes demand one's attention and even if you're not on board with it, you simply cannot look away or fail to be impressed at the effort put into these outfits and the Incredibly Agile mind at play here. His Wizardry at Conceptualizing new ways of looking at clothes is Unmatched, and that agility can sometimes be the Exact thing that does one in!

By Exit No. 8 and No. 9 things looked to be on a definite upswing. Two Totally Precise and Perfect Exits. The Poncho-like Cape tops were the Eptiome of Of-The-Minute Chic and Creativity! From that moment of Classical Modernity, things moved fast, Never did the collection Alight on any one idea for too long but revisited certain motifs off and on... the side ties skirts... the cropped jacket... the Utterly INEXPLICABLE Draping at the Waist  on skirts...

To That bit of design Suicide... Tell Us, Joseph... Do you know a lot of girls who are desperate to look like Kangaroos with a Whorl of draping at their waists? For it certainly looks like an Artful Kanga Pocket in Lame Panne Velvet... There was nothing about that that is going to ever look fashionable... looking like you have a Pouch at the one area of your body you want to look the Tautest and Flattest! It wasn't a good look, It's execution was to be admired for daring, but Sadly failed to Flatter!

Well... Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. That feels like the Trajectory Altuzarra followed after some INSANELY Instant Cool Collections... this one had the Chill Factor, Just not the Clothes to back it up! In the Monde de Mode... Stumbles along the path to greatness are nothing new and altogether inevitable, Chillrens...

It's How you come back from such stumbles (Are You Listening,  Jason Wu) That Makes the Difference!

That's All.


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