Saturday, September 7, 2013

BCBG Max Azria.

Thurs. 09/06/2013.

BCBG Max Azria.

Pardon My French, But... WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!?!? In a few words, for that's all that need be spent on such a Death Defyingly TERRIBLE Collection, How does this Translate as Fashion? This Spring 2014 Collection of Max and Lubov Azria finds them as Out of touch with what is Real Fashion as the last few years of Collections have!

Seriously, There was not ONE Exit that I can say felt Fresh or Even Remotely Wearable except by a Young Version of Miss Havisham! The collection felt Equally and Bizarrely Under-Designed and OVER-Designed! The Looks, Tricky in the Extreme and Not at all the good extreme, just got away from the Designers with no sure hand to tame these Outlandish Looks!

It is, as if the collection wanted to be something, but never could really decide what that something was, and in the end just Looked... CONFUSED! It wasn't how any Modern Woman wants to look. Careless, Haphazard, Ragamuffin!

This has been the Trajectory that the Azria's have been on for many a year now and the collections show no sign of getting back to the Urban Cool of yesteryear! Each collection has suffered from and been an amalgam of just bad design and the Epitome of Bad Styling! The next one plowing a Furrow of The Unattractive More Deeply than the last! The company is surviving on it's name and on the COMMERCIAL Clothes that are sold in the boutiques! If there are Women out there buying and more importantly, WEARING the Runway Looks, Then Those are some Brave Amazon Warriors! Because really, most Girls and Ladies wouldn't want to walk into their Worst Enemy's Home dressed so Erratically!

This company needs a Fresh Eye and some New Blood. It feels in their Efforts to be Downtown and Cool and Quirky the Azria's have forgotten One, Small, Salient Point. The Clothes have to Look GOOD First!

And Theses Clothes, Chillrens.... DON'T, Look Good!

That's All.


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