Monday, September 9, 2013

Kate Spade New York.

Fri. 09/06/2013.

Kate Spade New York.

I have Fallen in Love with Deborah Lloyd. Her work for Kate Spade New York is by far the Most JOYOUS Collection Every season. Joyous; One, because she can truly design! Her clothes may run more towards the Sportif but that in no way diminishes the Craft of these pieces being of the Highest Regard! Two, Because she injects Humour and Wit and Joie De Vivre into her collections. They don't take themselves seriously and are Playful in the extreme, but not Juvenile! For Spring 2014 she was inspired by European Locales... Paris, Capri and Monaco! Who Wouldn't want to Vacay to that Trio???

You could start at any Juncture of this Three-Part Scenario and find Any Number of Exceptional Pieces and Outfits to Mix-And-Match and Pack for a Euro Getaway! Or more likely, Brunch with friends, A Picnic with the Husband/Boyfriend, Parent/Teacher Conference... the clothes may be flying in the ether of fantasy but are FIRMLY rooted in the Terra Firma of the Everyday!

Standouts... Where do I begin, Let's keep it Brief! From the Paris Section the Bow Necked Poppy Red Topcoat with Giverny Floral Pegged Pants! The Coral Shantung Strapless Dance Dress! A Total Audrey Moment (Hepburn, That is!) In a Sailor Stripe Sweater and Pencil Skirt that will go EVERYWHERE!

Capri Gave us a Little Dolce &Gabbana Moment with the Lemon Print pieces that called to mind Spring 2012, But looked Utterly Fresh and Of-The-Moment! A Lace Tee with A Kicky Box Pleat Skirt in Cafe Au Lait Hit just the right note! While the Aqua Blue Shantung shift dress was made for La Dolce Vita!

In Monaco now... we find the best outfits... A Marine Blue circle skirted dress with a Snappy White zipper up the front of the Bodice. The SUPER CHIC Cocktail dress in Geranium Red, Aqua Blue and Marine Blue Shantung that is as Much Monaco at night as it is Chelsea, Manhattan, Soho or Beverly Hills! But the BEST Outfits were in Cool, Crisp, Refreshing Gray and White. An EXTRA Covetous Bi-Colour top coat with skinny Crop pants had MOD Written all over it But also... Michael Kors as well. It was Endlessly chic and limitless in it's possibilities of making a woman Look Sharp and Refined and CHIC! But the Gray short sleeve Sweater and Grey/White Stiped Pencil skirt was the ZENITH of the collection. Any Gal that wears that instantly Reeks of Sophistication and Style! Simple, Clean, Pure, Effortless... it was everything right in the most Exemplary Form! SUPERB!

I said this Last season and I'll Say it again... presenting Such Sharp, Gorgeous and yes, Editorial Clothes like this... Ms. Lloyd needs to present ON THE RUNWAY At Lincoln Center. Her collection by far is already one of the Top 10 of the season, EASY! And her skill with Wit and Joy and Humour and Just Fantastic Clothes puts her Parsecs Ahead of many of the established names Showing. I hope she Takes Destiny By the Reins and Shows her stuff in the Big Boys/Girls Arena Next Season.

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