Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prabal Gurung.

Sat. 09/07/2013.

Prabal Gurung.

Sublime Contradictions Abound to Describe this Smashing Collection from Prabal Gurung for Spring 2014!

Clinical Extravagance!

Precision Exuberance!

Reserved Ostentation!

Contained Audaciousness!

All Fit in the weird way they sound and the weird Juxtapositions of the collection Prabal Showed. Even in it's most Lurid Moments there was a Iron Grip of Taut Control running through the collection, which gave it the kind of  Severity of B/D Or S/M but of the most Glamourous Level! Ondria Hardin opened the show in a Clinically Precise White outfit that should have looked nothing more so than Anodyne, but was simmering with a Taut Ascetic Sensuality that bordered slightly on the Fetishistic! The Lineup that followed featured Stark Snow White with touches of Powder Puff Pastels or Exaggerated Prints Skewing Sweet Only in their Coloration, Certainly not in Attitude! Exit No. 7 On Goddess Sasha Luss is one of the Most Distractingly Pretty Outfits all season! Pure Female Charm,

The collection was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and as Prabal Said, Preserving Beauty. These lasses were like fragile One-Of-A-Kind Figurines in the most Delicate Porcelain, Meant to be admired, But not ever engaged... Look, Never Touch! There was a Sinister, COLD Remove to these ladies that Channeled not so much Dior (Raf WISHES He Could Design like this!) but more Acurately, Miuccia Prada! Like the girls were far too aware of their own Devastating Preciousness and Onanistically Flaunted it with no hope of ever letting anything Sully their Wicked Perfection, Thusly, this is why they were behind plastic. Fantasy Objets That Reveled in their Ethereal Distance!

The Marilyn Idea was well played... Was there ever anyone who was more aware, So Keenly Aware, of her own power of sex, that she wielded it like a Fencer's Epee! She, not the men in her life, SHE Chose whom to give herself too, otherwise she was A Promise and A Tease... to the men around her and the millions who lusted after her! And the Psychology of this collection brought all that Fruit to bear in the most Scandalous Way! It felt Punishing. Merciless. Sociopathic even! Completely Devoid of the essential emotion that would have warmed these Glacial Beauties... And that made it ALL THE MORE SO INCREDIBLE!

To go on picking out the Ephemera of each outfit would Enlighten the Mystery of this Spellbinding Collection too much, Suffice it to say... Exit No. 15... WHOA, MOMMA! That one, That's one for the Hall of Fame! Wickedly Fabulous!

Prabal Made me a Devout Follower this Season... I am praying at the Temple of Gurung Now, Chillrens... And I know I will Be Dreaming of Marilyn Tonight as the Worshipful Parishioner I have become.

Praise Be To Prabal Gurung! In Nomine Patris et Filli et Spiritus Sancti! Can I Get A AMEN!?!?

That's All.


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