Saturday, September 14, 2013

Victoria Beckham.

Sun. 09/08/2013.

Victoria Beckham.

I... I, wanted to be Mesmerized by Victoria Beckham's Signature line...

I wanted to like it more than I did...

I kinda have a soft spot for Mrs. Beckham (She'll always be a little bit "Posh" to me. My Fave!) But...

Why didn't this collection Move me? In places it was Like Lightning... Bright, Electric, Stimulating, Sharp Flash and Bristling Acuity! Those elements when done right were Flat Out Smashing.

I have a Weak spot for Victoria... when she announced she was going into the Fashion business (just like the Olsen Twins) People laughed, some outright Guffawed. I pooh-poohed it along with the rest, what does a halfway talented singer and all the way talented Entertainer (say what you will about the "S" Girls... they Blew your Ass away with their shows and Performances!) Know about HIGH COUTURE! With her first collection she shut my mouth and slapped me across the face! While wobbly... as any first designer foray is want to be... Ms. Victoria proved flawlessly that she knew what it took to make a damn AMAZING Garment. Again and Again she proved herself until she became as respected as a roster of other NY Design talents, and not because of her fame or her Shagadelic Husband!

Here she got it mostly right, even if there was too much a feeling of Narciso Rodriguez running through this collection, it offered a bounty of Instantly wearable pieces and Outfits... The Sportif Ruffle hem Tunics that Proliferated throughout... The Edgy "SWOOSH" Hems, The Athletic Touches. Much conspired to be Crisp and Chic and still come off and as Hauteur!

But as things moved along, those Geometrics seem to get the best of her and wrest this collection out of her control. The Overlapping rectangles looked, at best, Clunky. At Worst, Illogical! They simply confused otherwise Fabulous Garments with Unneeded Fuss! Those Triangles on the other hand... While an Interesting idea and effect... in the end the turned out to be no more really than a Decorative Distraction!

Some Outfits though did make one stand at attention and showed still how great Beckham is as a designer, Exit No. 8 Par Example, was KILLER in it's Modern way of thinking about Graphic... Exit No. 18 a Terrific White sheer front blouse and Brief ruffle hem pencil skirt  was one of the Very few outfits that Reconciled those Triangles in a Chic, Effortless way that wasn't fussy or overwrought. Exit No. 19 Also had ENDLESS Appeal in All black with a sheer netting Track Jacket that zipped up the front over a Belted little brief ruffle hem long sleeve button-front shirtdress.... I! DIE! One of the best outfits of the season, Count on it!

SO... where does that leave this collection... somewhere between Heaven and Earth, It's certainly not the best Victoria can do, but it is awfully refreshing to see her capture the current moment in her own way and move beyond her Sculpted Body-Con looks and venture into new Territory... as a first effort, yes it showed a bit too much in the way of Narciso Rodriguez/Vera Wang Influences, that must be Acknowledged, But it also was a Bold, Clear and Confident Walk into the future!

I for one, Chillrens, Even if not entirely Spellbound by this offering, I was Duly Pleased! It's not gonna set the world on fire... but it might be the spark that does!

That's All.


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