Friday, September 13, 2013

Monique L'Huillier.

Sat. 09/07/2013.

Monique L'Huillier.

One thing is Patently Obvious in this collection... Ms. L'Huillier KNOWS how to cut a Stunning evening gown! Her Spring 2014 Collection was Full of liquid swaths of Lace and Crepe and Chiffon and Organza and Gazar all in VERY Bold Hothouse colours! From Shocking Fuschia Pink to Searing Tangerine The colours inspired Spring Dreams and Summer Fantasies Galore... but L'Huillier tempered these with White and Nude and Pale Peach and Soft Coral, all of which conspired to make a Pretty and Desirable collection! L'Huillier's Near Couture Standards of Construction don't hurt Either, Mind You!

One Sticking Point. Just like all the designers who have made their name on their Eveningwear Game in this arena... Badgley Mischka, Douglass Hannant, Even Elie Saab... The question of just how Fascinating can a collection devoted TOTALLY to Evening Be!?!?! The Answer, Not Very at all! It would do these designers to really invest in some Assistants that can help them hone in on what their style can be when translated into Day looks so that it still has the hallmark of the designer but is not one Cocktail Frock or Ballgown after another... which Quickly becomes Tiresome and Rote. And Unfortunately, as Decidedly beautiful as all that traipsed down L'Huillier's runway... even with a tight edit, it grew Redundant!

Within saying that, Much Kudos to the pieces that were shown, for much was Stunning and some of the Quieter Moments were the real Stars! Like Exit No. 3... A simple sleeveless White Sheath with a Jewel neck that was Figure Hugging in all the best senses of the term had just a Dazzle of Embroidery at the top and could function for day easily... and switch hit for night with as much Competence! An Absolutely MASTERFUL Coral Jumper with White cuffs and A Jeweled Collar at Exit No. 10 made My heart leap! So Chic and a very Modern twist to a day/evening outfit! Exit No. 11 had "WANT" Written all over it as well!

Some of the evening gowns were True Breath Stealers... Exit No. 24... A Strapless Figured Gazar Ballgown in Deep Orange shot with Pink and tones of Surface Interest! Exit No. 25... A Coral Pink WOW in Lace, Chiffon and Crepe... Perhaps the best gown in the collection! And Exit No. 29... A truly Special piece in the Palest Nude with Delicate Sprays of Floral embroidery that had an almost Asian Feel to it... MAGICAL!

This collection was one of Monique's Best efforts in a couple seasons and was Sparkling with Frivolity and Sensuality! Now if she could turn that focus onto some serious Daywear, the recipe would be complete!

But In the end, Chillrens... Sometimes it's better to succeed at what your good at and not make a fool of oneself at what one is not good at... and Monique L'Huillier is VERY, VERY Good at Evening!

That's All.


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