Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rag & Bone.

Fri. 09/06/2013.

Rag & Bone.

Honestly, The Less Said, The Better.

This Collection fell flat as a Corpse! Whatever Cool factor that David Neville and Marcus Wainwright once traded so easily and seamlessly in has been Lost! Evaporated... Disparus! This Spring 2014 offering was more of the same Incoherent mess as the last few collections have suffered by! Is this Chic? Is this Cool? Is this... FASHION? Maybe Someone smarter and wiser and more of a Fashion Insider can relate to me that it is, but from my Perch... NOT AT BLOODY ALL Would be the answer to those aforementioned questions!

Wanna Know something else... The Styling made this show 100 Times worse than the clothes alone! It was, in a word, Gruesome! The Orange lips and that Flat, Flaccid hair... OH MY WOW! INSANE! One of the most Compellingly Stomach Churning Looks I have seen in a GOOD Long while! And I Know... All the Editors and Fashion Lackeys will be eating it up with a Shrimp Fork and Fawning over it... I personally want to tell them... BOLLOCKS! OK!? Good. Pardon The Moment of Non-Zen here.... But the Hair/Makeup Styling for this show....


Ok... Now on to the Clothes that Also, SUCKED! In the spirit of trying to remove myself from this Cataclysm of a show... all I will point out is that these clothes Failed to Flatter, Failed to Inspire, Failed to Enhance, Failed On Every Single Level. Why, you may ask? Good Question... Here's The Answer!

In trying to Be Sporty Chic. They lost both sides of the concept. The Chill Factor they were searching to Illuminate was lost totally in the Dark of Unflattering Deep V-Neck sweaters that made Not one of the models they showed the Variants on look anything less that Confused! A Sweater... For Spring.... with a Plunge V-Neck... And Long Sleeves.... Um... Lets Say NO on that one, OK? It was SO Disconcerting.

WHAT WERE THEY TRYING TO SAY?!?! For the Life of me I haven't the Vaugest clue!

Memorable only because of it's Lack of Direction and Messy, Awkward Styling... This was No Hit, It was ALL Miss, Chillrens!

Chalk Another up In the Loss column for Rag & Bone in the World Series of Fashion!

That's All.


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