Friday, September 6, 2013

Two For One! Lisa Perry And Tia Cibani

Weds. 09/04/2013:

Lisa Perry.

Ok. I have no Idea who this Gal is and why she has a Boutique on the Upper East Side... I'll Google Her Later! But Why, Oh Why, Did she present THIS as her Spring 2014 Offering? Even if the first Exit was Kinda Cute, It looks JUST Like a Best Selling Blouse that has been Blowing out of Old Navy! I, MEAN... It Looks EXACTLY like the Dress version of that Sleeveless Blouse! YIKES! But, Ok... it's Cute. I grant you that! but the rest of the collection. Even though all in White it was ALL OVER THE PLACE! From Hideous Circular Cutouts In ALL the wrong places to the most Ungainly, Awkward Asymmetry I have seen In MANY A Moon!

Exits 2-4 were Quite Saucy. Easy to Wear. Kinda Kick Ass, In a Clean Sportif Way! But Honey! After that, That Plane CRASHED! It didn't spare Anyone until the last two Outfits which seem Descended from some Mount Olympian Pantheon of Ralph Lauren Goodness and Light! The last 2 exits were FANTASTICALLY Awesome! They could have saved the collection had So, SO much of it not been just Distractingly Unwearable!

If Tennis was her Jumping off point all I can say is she lost this one...


Game. Set. Match!

Tia Cibani.

Funny. Sometimes how a Good idea can go Really, Really Bad!!! That's how I view Tia Cibani's Spring 2014 Selections! I would like to say that the show Gained some momentum after a Somewhat, though not altogether Promising 1st Exit, But I cannot! It was, Nice. But Bland! Texture can only excite so much! However after that... It Dragged on and Never felt like it was going to get anywhere til Exit No. 11! A pretty Dress of Textured Knit with an Off-The-Shoulder Portrait collar and inset into the neckline was a pretty Graphic Lace. It was Easily the best piece in the entire collection!

The Collection Hit and Missed it's way to the Finish Line and Simply Suffered from Lack of Cohesive Vision and no seeming ability to edit the outfits. The nod to Frida Kahlo-like layering was, Interesting to say the least, but not Earth-Shattering and not entirely convincing! The Layering Upon Layering of pieces became Ungainly and Inelegant. A Draped Black Chiffon Gown at Exit No. 23 looked especially attractive amongst the detritus... and the genuinely Joyful Colours and Clean Simplicity of Exit No. 25 in The sweetest Pastel Mint and Goldenrod was a Serious Winner.

But Alas, The rest was not even memorable enough to be considered Awful. It was just a Missed Opportunity and a Mish-Mash of ideas that never cohered into much of anything. Just a Lot of Sound and Noise, Signifying Nothing!

That's All.


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