Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tadashi Shoji.

Thurs. 09/05/2013.

Tadashi Shoji.

I can Hardly imagine where to begin! This Collection was SO BEAUTIFUL! So Pretty! So Feminine! Modern, Yet Classic and CLASSY at the same time! It felt Buoyant! Effervescent! Radiant!

Let's Start off by being Frank... This is not the kinda Fashion that makes Front Page Or Most Blog News... You Know?!?!? It's Too... Commercial for that! But In saying that, This Season Shoji-San Amped up the Modernity and Freshness. The Opener was a Cool Minty green that was more subdued than a Sugary Candy pastel tone... cut in a intriguingly Couture Silhouette it was very Uptown but was thrown into Downtown Relief by the Cropped Plaid short sleeve top that alighted atop the dress! That simple stroke of brilliance made the outfit fresher and younger, a little edgier even, but nothing too dangerous or sharp!

Things continued in the pastel mode and each outfit could be worthy of multiple pages of admiration... But I will keep it brief and pick out some of the most Breathtaking of Exits! Exit No. 12 A Standout in Yellow with a Bias Lace Plaid Overlay and Buoyant Skirt! Divine! Exits No. 18 and No. 19 were Exquisite Amalgams of lace and sparkly plaid chiffon that were Purely STUNNING! And Sexy, Young, Fresh, and Sensual all at the same time! Mackezie Drazan looked Especially Fetching in a Cool Seafoam Green Number at Exit No. 23 that just Radiated Girlish Charm in a Womanly way! Exit No. 35 was also A Stunner in A metallic Violet Blue done in Paved Sequins that looked like a New York Skyline at night at the top of the bust, twinkling with tiny stars... HEAVEN!

This was A Most IMPRESSIVE Showing, One of the finest Collections I have ever seen from Mr. Shoji and Above All... one of the Freshest and Youngest! Nothing here screamed... MADAME or Matron... It was all a collection of clothes that a Chic woman who is young in mind and not necessarily years or one that is young in both could wear with ease!

And, Chillrens.... That's ALWAYS A Winning Formula!

That's All.


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