Monday, September 9, 2013


Thurs. 09/05/2013.


Somehow to live in the world that Giovanna Randall Proposed for Thurs. Honor show, One would imagine you'd have to constantly be Whistling or Humming that old Standby of Louis Armstrong's... "What A Wonderful World!"

First off though, Let's Address the Elephant In The Room, or the one that I seem to see in the room! In all it's Sublime Beauty and Grace and Faultless Charm, Perhaps it is inevitable because they have worked their image of their clothing so Finely and With such Precision that the Spectre of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli felt very present here... The prim school girl collars, the finely crafted lace insets, the exuberant and Woman/Girl vibe to the evening wear with it's Restraint and Innocence...It's a wonder we haven't seen more of that floating around and whom is to say we won't! However, This collection only seem imbued with those Valentino like aspects while successfully looking only marginally like it and looking far more like an Independent Thought, Skewed a little by the Esprit De Corps of The Famed Label.

The first exit... really did give that Val Vibe, but only in the most Lovely way! It had the Vernacular, but not the Patois of Pier Paolo/Maria Grazia.. The tropes were obvious but the expression of them here was far more exuberant... Light, Gay, Not confined to The Italian house's  Austere, Buttoned-Up Sexuality, Here is was Looser, Freer, but not one whit less elegant. Maybe it was a little less elegant and that is where it's immense charm lay!

Giovanna Has some MAD Skills of cut and construction and all the garments fit like HEAVEN and were cut so well and so Beautifully that if PP/MC Decide to Retire, Ms Randall could take over and none would be the wiser! A PERFECT Little Glace Bleu Tweed Shorts suit on Mackenzie Drazan at Exit No. 12 was DROOL Worthy in it's Soigne Perfection! Exit No. 21 just Blew the Roof... OFF! It was, barely describable in words! Insanely Beautiful will have to suffice for now! In the Palest of the Palest Shade of Wisteria it dripped absolute Goddess Glamour! Starlets... get your Stylists on this INSTANTLY!

From there the roller coaster only went Higher and Higher, By the time Maria Borges had come out with her Re-Embroidered Lace column gown and cape and Cora Emmanuel Gave Delicious Ballgown Joy in her Asterisk and Star Embroidered ballgown... One's breath had already been sufficiently stolen and one could not imagine being any more Elated. but you'd have been wrong! The last 3 Exits Took one on a magic carpet ride of Icy, fairy-like beauty and left the viewer simply spent from the Exquisite Ride! Giovanna Randall Stole my Breath with this collection, and Darling Imp that she is...

She Stole My Heart too while she was at it, Chillrens!

That's All.


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