Saturday, September 14, 2013


Sun, 09/08/2013.


Spellbinding. Awe-Inspiring. Transfiguring. Words that are still at a loss to provide proper context to this MAGICAL Collection! It was Poetic. It was Romantic. It was Unwearable But when the clothes are this Sublime, Who The Hell Cares!

Inspired By Corot's Gypsy Woman with a Tambourine (Google It!) the Presentation felt as ethereal and effortless as it was Sublimely Technical and Difficult! To go into detail about each outfit would be necessary, but also expansive in the utmost in concern to text! Suffice it to say, every outfit, even the most Overwrought of them, was a Paean to Womanly Art! Josep Font could seamlessly take this collection to Paris for Haute Couture and be as welcome there as any other designer showing, perhaps more so than some!

There was Elaborate Couture detail on the simplest of exits and when things did get Extreme, they were extreme in the most Decadently Wonderful Way! As on Exit No. 11 A titanic Pale Periwinkle blue skirt that had the feeling of a Splendid Duvet about it in it's Naive Peasant-y Floral "Print" that covered it, that upon close inspection,  yielded that the floral pattern was in fact, Exactingly Embroidered all over the skirt. MERCIFUL HEAVENS!  Exit No. 17 was a Joyful Explosion of Dark Drama handled with Fairy like lightness... a Short Tiered ruffled Strapless affair that could have been from some long ago Ungaro Collection with it's Black Backed Sunflower print and curved Bodice, Splendid!

Exit 34 was the one that really just blew me away... not only for it's Exuberant Fantasy, for it was truly Fantastical, but also that it was one of the outfits that could truly translate into the real world! Mostly, because it was so damn beautiful and had An Haute Couture Grandeur that was Unmistakable! A White Bodice Tea-Length ballgown with a T-shirt bodice DIVINELY embroidered, richly, in Bright Crayola color Flowers that then connected to a White Organza veiled Skirt that was decoratively accented with some Sparkly Floral Rebrodee and underneath the filmy White overskirt bloomed a Micro Garden floral print in the same colours as the Florals on the Bodice... Incandescent Genius!

As this all marched on to the conclusion, A Huge skirted strapless masterpiece with Giant Floral Applique embroideries on the Massive Skirt... every outfit filled one with Wonder, Awe, Glee and Romance! It was An EPIC Collection for Epic Women! There is a Clientele out in this world for such Grand Drama, Closer than you might be willing to believe in fact, And they are going to be transported to the Wonderland that this collection evoked as much as I Was and AM and will be offering up AMEX Black cards to Haul home much of this Precious Booty!

And Lawdy, Chillrens.... I wanna See the closet of the women that is buying these Opulent Works of Wearable Magic! Cus you know it's filled with other Lavish Wonders that the mind can only dare grasp! Fittingly, The Clothes of Font for Delpozo will fit in Quite Nicely!

That's All.


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