Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cushnie Et Ochs.

Fri. 09/06/2013.

Cushine Et Ochs.

Discipline. Purity. Precision. Words That by themselves would make one tend to think of Austere matrons in Stiff, Unforgiving Uniforms of some Sci-Fi Future! Or of Catholic School! However, When applied to the Lithe, Limber, Lean Spare Designs of Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs... those words bring to mind Severe Steely SEX! Yes, SEX! I Said It! If any Designer since Gianni or Donatella have ever firmly Enmeshed themselves in the Linguistics of Sex.. it is these two Women and Thank Your Lucky Stars, Ladies!

In a Wonderfully Perverse way, These clothes require a body that is OUT OF BOUNDS In Shape! They forgive nothing and are Punishingly Attenuated to the Sleek Lines of Toned, Taut Flesh and any Ripples or Overt Curves will not be given any Quarter in these Shockingly Delicious Outfits! But Also, there not for the Skinflint Either... These are Outfits for women with DEVASTATING Bodies, Real Bodies. But those bodies better be in Check, Mind you. Women Like Say, Angelina Jolie or Olivia Wilde Or Ciara would be the Ideal Compatriot to Carly and Michelle's Whip Smart Creations!

The Collection... Simply was, DIVINE! I could Careen through the Lexicon of Adjectives non-stop and still not come anywhere near describing how Cool and Hot these clothes were! The Dynamic Duo opened as they did this past Fall with a Paean to White-On-White. Where as for Fall it was Creamy White, Here it was ICY! SHARP! DANGEROUS! Opening with Karlie Kloss' Hypnotically Amazonian frame encased in a Stretch of Cutout White... She Slinked like a Panther down the runway and Exuded Death Defying Femininity!

The edit was Brief and Spare. One thing that was so Positively evident in this collection was how Masterful these Ladies are at Cut and Fit. And a All Too Welcome Slice of Ralph Rucci like mastery came in a few of the Outfits... like In Exits No. 7 And 8. which Matched the Sheer with the Solid in Rucci's Signature Artistic way and Looked Delightfully Hard whilst remaining Liltingly Pliant!

After all that Severe White. Gray Came on the scene and then a print... in Scribbly Black on White in some Slender Body-Con looks... then Two Draped Sand Outfits and the Gals were back to the Sparest of the Spare... BLACK! In Simply Irresistible Shapes and Styles! The Best... Look 20, which Showed off of the Duo's Hallmarks... Inventive Cutouts and Piecing. This one had X-Straps in front that were augmented by a Huge Ring in the center that the four straps of material were attached to! with it's Pencil Slim skirt it was a Winner from Top to Hem!

For the Finale... 3 Outfits in Purple. Now let's get this out in the open... I HATE PURPLE! I truly do! However, Carly and Michelle Nearly made me a Believer especially in the Louche and Elegantly Relaxed Gown that ended the show on none other than Ms. Chanel Iman! It had a Soigne, almost YSL Character about it and was Chic and surprise... Reserved! It won me over With Ease!

So, Chillrens... Keep your Antennae Up for the Girl Power Duo that is Cushnie Et Ochs (Unlike those Silly Pretenders to the Girl Power Duo Throne, The Mulleavy Sisters for Rodarte! BLECH!) They are destined for Big Things....

Greatness, Being One Of Them!

That's All.


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