Monday, December 1, 2014

The Row.

Mon. 09/08/2014.

Working in Voluminous Proportions can be Extremely Daunting if one does not have the design skills to make that all that volume look still slimming and devoid of bulk. Achieving such a thing can put even the most Talented designers to the test unless they have the Natural Skills of say... a Cristobal Balenciaga or Yves Saint Laurent... Add Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to that Pantheon! They rendered Mesmerizing command with the Bouffant, Billowing shapes for Spring 2015 they strode forth for their design house, The Row. Include into that Equation that this is a Spring Collection and these shapes demand that they be Breezy and Fluid and that the Olsen's, with their typical Counterbalance to all things Trendy, decided to give their shapes Ballast and Weight and a slight amount of Stiffness that made the clothes all that more compelling!

The Ladies, (one has to squelch the temptation to call them Girls) were as enigmatically Cryptic as ever when explaining their Inspiration, confining what they said mainly to "Raw Silks" as their Point of Departure. That was evident in the Slubby, Sheeny, opening pieces in a Deep, Desert-y Shade of Golden Maize and elsewhere. But the fabrics richness and drape must have been where the real Inspire came from, for the clothes were Lyrical Compositions of Shape and Scale. An A-Line dress with a draped cuff at the top in that Maize shade Undulated with Liquid Gorgeousness. This same Undulating effect was seen later in an Equally Hypnotic Strapless Ink Blue gown. One realized that there was not One single short outfit in the entire collection, There was a Bedouin affect to the outfits that lent something of the Nomadic to what transpired.

There were many other examples of this Principle of Luxury Bohemian that is the Vernacular of the Olsen Twins. Wide, Swinging coats, Bell Shaped skirts, Wraparound tops with softly flaring Peplums... Everything was Generous in Proportion and Spirit, even if it was completely Devoid of any embellishment whatsoever, the clothes exuded Immense, Languid Extravagance. The Modus Operandi of the Olsen's seems to be to swim, Quite Explicitly, Against the Fashion Tide and obstinately do their own thing, for better or worse. The thing about this counterpoint to the prevailing Winds of Fashion is that the Twins have CONTINUALLY (and Successfully)  hit the mark they are aiming for with such Sniper Precise Pinpoint Accuracy that to do anything less than the Diametric Opposite of Convention, Would be the Truly Radical Thing for them!

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