Sunday, January 26, 2014

Calvin Klein Collection.

Thurs. 09/12/2013.

For a Celebratory Collection Marking Francisco Costa's 10 years at the house Calvin built, It was an incredibly unfortunate collection and one that didn't show off Costa's considerable talents in any way! In fact, it was a Terribly disappointing and more blatantly, Horrible showing. It was, if one wants to paint the honest picture of truth, Disgracefully Ugly.
I am all for experimentation and pushing boundaries, and sometimes in being that Provocateur one can create things that disturb and confound but they push the envelope and move forward... understandable they may not be, but influential they certainly are. This was experimenting but had no potential to influence! It was just downright Awkward. 

The opening exit was Drop Dead Awkward. It gave not a whiff of enhancement to the Pin thin model and in the real world would just do things that were unspeakable to a regular body! Those Strange Flaps off to the side that looked like the most overzealous seam allotment failed to flatter by a country mile. Costa's Obsession with this Design trick was overworked and ghastly in the first exit, why he continued to torture the clothes with this caprice was dumbfounding! Equally Bemusing was that he left many outfits raw-edged and ragged looking. To What end was this element exalting the clothes...???

Exit No. 2 was so stiff and boxy that it forced the models arms out to the sides, Akimbo in the most forced and unnatural way! The fabrics also looked like Cheap Upholstery fabrics and Pedestrian looking. Synthetic and not in any kind of good way! There were SO MANY Missteps in this showing that one's mind Boggled at the Deluded Nature of it all. It was just one misguided mistake after another and it all added up to one Tragic Catastrophe! To go into any detail would be simply reiterating the multitude of errors in this collection to no further effect other than to sound Vituperous. The collection Woefully does that enough all on it's own! 

That's All.


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