Friday, January 24, 2014

Nanette Lepore.

Weds. 09/11/2013.

It was a Cute, Sporty, Girly outing for Nanette Lepore for Spring 2014. The Colours announced loud and clear that Lepore was in a Playful mood... Poppy Red, Turquoise Blue, A Peppy Multicolour Floral, all tempered with the relief of Pinky Neutrals and SCADS Of White. 

After a Bright opening, we were given solid blocks of Monotone Colour, All Red, All White (Fancy That!) and the aforementioned Floral Print. One of the best Exits... No. 9 A White-on-White Sporty/Utilitarian Outfit of a drawstring waist Leather Utility Jacket with a flippy Tennis Skirt and the now Ubiquitous Mesh showing up as a Tee underneath! Also Noteworthy Exit No. 20, A Lavishly embroidered jacket over Bermudas was a Winner and the trio of Embroidered dresses that ended the show had a Easy Effortless Luxury to them and were Playfully Romantic. 

The collection wasn't breaking any boundaries of Innovation but was Savvy enough and Pretty enough to keep Lepore's Clients happy and touched on enough of the outlying trends of the season to bring newcomers into the fold. All in All one would say it was a Success on many fronts.

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