Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sachin + Babi And Sass And Bide.

Tues. 09/10/2013.

Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia put on that Rarest of the rare shows in New York... A show dedicated to True American Sportswear! It was Refreshing to see Crisp, Fresh, Clean, Modern Clothes with the Spirit of The American Heritage of Sportswear firmly infused into it! Sachin and Babi showed Elegant and Forward thinking pieces that would fit into any woman's wardrobe and update the pieces already there or build a new one altogether. The Ease and Deceptive Simplicity of the Clothes only served to make them more desirable and Covetous! 

A Snappy White Tunic dress opened the show with small little lattice Stich flowers it transformed the Chicly utilitarian look of the T-shirt easy dress into something vaguely Artisan. The same could be said for the White pantsuit at Exit No. 3 that took the flower stitching and blew it up to giant size and gave the Pantsuit a decidedly Current Tone. Exit No. 6 Was Quirky and Sharp in the form of a Tweedy looking printed Moto Jacket with a Strict Dress underneath styled like a Men's Button Down but Slimmed down to coat the Curves of a Woman's Body! 

A Fresh as Spring Itself Daydress in Buttercup Yellow at Exit No. 14 had a Blue Denim Hem and was the Epitome of Summer in The City Chic Ease! Exit No. 28 was A clear Winner, A Grey T-Shirt Dress with Layers of Leather Fringe at the hem giving a Mod Nod to the '60's. 

For anyone looking to be Laid Back and Streamlined for Spring/Summer 2014, Sachin + Babi is the place to Go. The collection was free of Effort and Artifice and showed just how compelling some Judgement and Good Taste can take you! It was Free and Easy. Uncomplicated. And sometimes, isn't that all we really need from our clothes? 

To Say it was a Mixed Bag at Sass And Bide for Spring 2014 is an exercise in Understatement. One minute they seemed to be channeling The Modern Amazon, The next A Streetwise City Maharaja. It was A little confusing... A little Muddled and A Lot Unfocused. 

Every outfit felt Overwhelmingly Forced and Overly Tricky. There was no relief from either the Technical Applications of some of the pieces or from the other side of the coin, the layering of just too much stuff at once in an outfit. It was a disaster in a Blender! The show pressed on from one Overwrought Look to the next never settling into a groove of a concise and consistent idea or theme and with all the Over Designing going on, it Sank like a Stone! 

That's All. 


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