Tuesday, January 28, 2014

J.W. Anderson.

Sat. 09/14/2013.

Well Hello, Ugly! This was one of the most Epically Misjudged fashion affairs of the Spring 2014 season. Yes, it was experimental, Experimentation is GOOD! Experimentation pushes fashion forward.  But sometimes experimentation can lead to Disaster. And this was a Bloody Massacre! 

Anderson is one of those new Darlings of the fashion cognoscenti and has that aura right now that he can do as he pleases and the fashion powers that be are gonna be throwing accolades his way fast and thick. As predicted, this collection won him raves and for what, Only The Lord Above can answer that one! With Frumpy Sheer layers to open and then odd convolutions of fabric and ruching the collection didn't start off Pleasantly! How do I then begin to explain the Molded, Pleated Herringbone textured leather outfit in Black at Exit No. 7...??? I cannot. 

I am not going to spend scores of type on this Absolute Failure of a collection. The combinations and trickiness added up to a Frighteningly, Nee SHOCKINGLY Bizarre and Uncomfortably Disturbing collection. One that will find it's fans in only the most Avant of the Avant-Garde! P.S. WHY repeat the same outfits in Black, White and Caramel Leather that he did in two passages...??? Nothing could have saved this collection from Tragedy. The Biggest Tragedy, Anderson has Talent. Just this collection was no showcase for that talent. 

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