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Dennis Basso.

Tues. 09/10/2013.

Dennis Basso.

Like The Fendi Family and Giles Mendel, Dennis Basso was once primarily known for Furs and Exotic Skins with emphasis on the Fur. Fur is still a cornerstone for the house and it's designer but as of late he has made a name for himself as a purveyor of Extravagant Evening Attire. And It's been working in his Favour. But Again, One cannot design on Evening alone and Blessedly, Basso has a strong Current of Day pieces Powering his Collection of Mega-Wattage Evening Frocks!

This Spring The fur was flying everywhere... From the Opening Optic Black And White Graphically Pieced Jacket/Coat with Black slim trousers and White tie-neck blouse to the asymmetrically Zipped Broadtail Moto Jacket of Exit No. 4 which was paired with a Saucy Floral embroidered black sheer skirt. Exit No. 13 was a Charmer as well comprising of a Super Short Fox Bolero in a Radiant shade of Aurora Pink paired with a Buoyant and Bouffant short embroidered Blush Pink Dance Dress. Uptown Chic!

The Best thing was the Abundance of Luxe Daywear in the collection from a Simple Lace and Embroidery encrusted sheer Tee with a Fur stole And Black Fluid pants at Exit No. 7 to a Black and White Lizard Jacket with a Art Nouveau Beaded Tee in Black on sheer White paired with tiny little White lace Shorts At Exit No. 12.

The show was Chock full of Sensational and Over The Top Pieces but none quite so much as the Gigantic Powder Pastel Blue and Pink Satin Ballgown with the little cropped Broadtail Pieced Geomtric Print Jacket at Exit No. 17! It was a Jaw Dropper and could have come off matronly but was kept fresh with Minimal Detailing and Accessorizing! It's Spiritual Twin closed the show in Positive/Negative Spectator Fashion.

To be sure... this isn't the cup of tea of everyone... it admittedly skews somewhat... More Mature than many collections but Basso Knows his Woman and Knows her Needs and wardrobe. That he injects some youthful vibrancy into his show to capture some new clients is good business. He isn't chasing the Zeitgeist or trying to be the hot new thing in fashion, he is happy being the supplier of Rich Clothes for Rich Women. If in his push to be more modern some new Young Rich Women hop on board... All The Better!

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