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Wes Gordon.

Tues. 09/10/2013.

Wes Gordon.

Not every designer in their Third year of presenting during New York Fashion Week could get Monica "Jac" Jagaciak to open their show, But Wunderkind Wes Gordon did and just that simple fact alone lent much impact to an already quite Impactive Collection.

90's Grunge and Minimalism has been rearing their respective heads with increasing frequency this season, Gordon managed to capture both ideas in a totally modern interpretation that Hearkened back to this Heady days when the entire Fashion system was turned on it's ear. It was done here with a Quiet sense of Luxury and Deftness. There were equal influences of Calvin Klein and Narciso Rodriguez of the 90's ilk in the mix as well as some Richard Tyler and Marc Jacobs thrown in for Grungy Measure. (Funnily Enough, Richard Tyler has become something of a undercover touchstone this season as well.)

Funnily... there was also something of an Early 90's Michael Kors vibe Going on as well... the Sporty/Luxe vibe running through this collection smacked of MK's 90's work while not exactly appropriating anything specific from his Oeuvre but definitely settling comfortably in the furrow Kors' so Expertly plowed in those days. If there was any designer to Ape for the Blueprint of Success... Michael IS The One!

The opening Exit was very CK in it's approach with, A 90's Slip Dress given a Luxurious Modern feeling by being inset along it's side seams with lavish Black Lace and pulled back a bit by a Lustrous Knit Sweater over top that gave good Luxe Grunge! Exit No. 7 was one of those Richard Tyler Moments spoken of earlier in a Structured Black Jacket Over an Icy Lavender Tulle layered Slip Dress. The Slip Dress is one of those fashion  Phenomena of the 90's and has hung on ever since for good or bad. This Version was Quietly Quirky and Viable for today all in the same breath! Exit No. 15 Again walked that Klein/Rodriguez Line so closely it almost stumbled into one territory or the other, but it kept itself Salient and Modern and yes... Quite Beautiful too!

Other Beauties... Exit No. 19 showing that the prevailing trend of All White shows no signs of abating was a Clean, Utilitarian and Breezy Shirtdress that should be sashaying itself in every major urban city in the world come Spring. Exit No. 22, A Caramel Version of the opening Slip Dress with Lemon Yellow Lace was particularly Fetching and Daring in it's colour combination. The Rose Pink Cap sleeved Bias Slip Dress of Exit No. 29 was Exquisite and the Finale... well if The Kors' DNA was being sublimated through the rest of the collection it finally Broke to the surface in this Dynamic and Sexy Crystal Studded Number! Glam and Sporty at the same time... Could there be any words that described a Michael Kors Collection more????

For the first firing salvo into the scary realms of the runway, Gordon delivered a Full on Winner with Pieces that will last his customer this season and beyond and have just the right Frisson of Ingenuity and Freshness to make his style Definable and Unique. It all adds up to the launching of a Success in the New York Fashion Firmament and something tells me, Wes has the Talent and Chops to make good on it!

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