Wednesday, January 29, 2014

House Of Holland

Sat. 09/14/2013.

House Of Holland.

CHARMING! For a designer like Henry Holland, Not a word one would use with Aplomb! But for Spring 2014... Tres Charmant! Opening with a Delightfully Pretty Shirtdress with Overblown Rose accents at the sleeves, hem and neck, It just radiated Youth and Vitality!

Holland said he was inspired greatly by the Baz Luhrmann Film "William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet" And for a movie as decidedly uninspiring as that tragedy of a tragedy Holland created something deeply joyful. Using A Rough Twill Chino fabric for the opening passage grounded the pieces in the here and now and knocked a little of the sweetness out of the pieces which in the wrong material could have come off saccharine.

The mini dress in Pink that followed the opening was emblazoned with the Heart emblem from the aforementioned movie, it wasn't unflattering nor diminishing to the brief dress but was a trifle literal. That emblem would show up with surprising frequency in the collection and even though it was not a distraction it wasn't an enhancement either.

Exit No. 4 was another Trench of note in a season of Noteworthy Trenches! Taking the same tack as the opening exit it was Brilliant! An embellished Mini Leopard print Bustier dress with accents of the Latin Flowers was giving of an air of Dolce and Gabbana which perfumed the entire collection in a good way! From there we progressed through a Retina Melting cloud print in Screaming shades of Red and Pink overlaid with another Movie Emblem inspired print to Mixed media Gingham checks of Searing shades and  different sizes. One passage in particular was a glorious relief... A Paper Bag coloured section of dresses with a Inky Blue Rose print that was moody and sure-handed!

Also on the D&G Radar... those Burning Heart Madonna appliques were Striking and Whimsical yet had a Delicious perverse edge to them that Stefano and Domenico would never invoke! Finishing up with the cloud print in a softer colour scheme Holland gave us a Cheery and Stylish that mixed the Refined and the Quirky into a Magical Mix... it left one Smiling. Not much more could anyone ask of a Collection!

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