Monday, January 27, 2014

David Koma.

Sat. 09/14/2013.

If a collection could ever feel sharp enough to Literally CUT some one, I think David Koma Accomplished that this season with a brief Treatise on Striking Colour, Asymmetry and Strict Futuristic Modernism! Starting firmly entrenched in the Colours of the season... Black And White. The Icy Starkness of these opening looks exemplified the Futuristic aspect of the clothes to a Tee! 

The Fit and Flare Stiff skirted opening looks from Leather and Tech Silk worked with a Judy Jetson Panache And the Tiny Bi-Colour leather Bolero with the Panther Sleek Zip-front Dress in Black at Exit No. 6 was Space Age Stellar! The Graphic Nature of these opening Spectator looks made the caprices of the collection, Seem less like Extravagant Flights of Fancy and more like Architectural exercises, Exercises that worked. 

After the Positive/Negative Play of Black and White, Blush Nude insinuated itself into the equation BEAUTIFULLY and funnily enough added an air of... Austerity that was welcome in the Brazen Hardness of the opening Section! Then, The most lovely relief... Icy Glacier Blue and White pieces in that incorporated solid blocks of the blue accented with wide bands of White and then juxtaposed that against a stripe pattern in the same two colours that suggested that ancient Japanese art... Shibori. It was Purest Joy and a Lovely Combination! The best the seemingly simple dress at Exit 16 with the Ultramarine Blue/White Bands.Then more Ultramarine and White looks... Still in Spectator mode. 

As the show progressed on... the looks became increasingly complex and difficult, yet they retained all the effortlessness that hallmarked this collection. After Ultramarine and White the Change over to Ultramarine and BLACK changed the whole vibrancy of the colour and muted it in the most subtle and Charming way! If Charming could be taken from the Space Amazon Clothes that ended the collection! 

It ended with a Strong, Powerful punch and nothing Delivers a Punch quite like Black Leather, but paired with the blue, it was A Vibrating Power, Not a Klaxon! And isn't that the way the Modern Space Age Warrior Woman wants to dress?  

That's All.


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