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Michael Kors.

Weds. 09/11/2013

Michael Kors.

Michael Kors, Can Do NO Wrong. Simple. He is without doubt, The Undisputed KING of New York Fashion. He is the current Elder Statesman that all the other Young Bucks must have in their scope as the kind of designer they want to become and the business they want to have. Many FASHION folk will say Marc is the King because he creates FASHION and Generates Excitement because he is a Showman and a Fashion Visionary, True that may be, But Michael Kors is The MAN! No one in The New York Fashion Firmament is a Bigger Success and Business Star than Michael Kors other than The Highest of the High, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. But just give him time...  At this point, Kors may be be In higher ascension in the Star System Than Hilfiger... but that's information that is completely irrelevant in Fashion Terms. In The Language of FASHION... Kors is Unmatched by Lauren and Hilfiger!

In terms of Fashion... Kors has hit a stride in the last... 15 years that has unstoppable momentum and continues to increase with each passing season and year! He continues to Expand his fashion vocabulary whilst still retaining the Principal ESSENCE of the Michael Kors DNA. And that is some POWERFUL DNA!!!! The Michael Kors Brand has become one of those Ubiquitous Know-From-Across-A-Crowded-Room Kinda Signature Brands that only the likes of Chanel, Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Louboutin Command! It has been a Blessing owing that Kors is no Amateur in Business or Fashion and usually during any year can be seen, Clothing alone, Draping the bodies of the MOST Accomplished and Glamourous Dazzling women around the world in High Double Digit Amounts!

So, where, exactly, does that position the Spring 2014 Collection? In My opinion, BEST OF THE NY SEASON! Hands DOWN! Perhaps, Maybe, Best of the Season, PERIOD! He hit a Home Run of Epic Caliber and created a collection as Desirable, Covetous, Impactive and Appealing that his customers will be buying in Droves!

It started as usual... with Karmen Pedaru and Simon Nessman. Simon in a look from Kors' Spring 2014 Men's collection and Karmen in the opening Women's Look, one of the absolute BEST Evocations of the White-On-White trend prevailing this season. A Structured Cutaway belted Blazer with a Fluid Knee-length Circle skirt! Evoking Kors' Mood of 40's Boardwalk Glamour... it was a Stunning and Provocative opener even in it's subtlety!

Let me get this out of the way now in the hopes that I don't scale the heights of Prolixity, I could, LITERALLY, write a review on EACH Exit here but I will try to keep this mercifully as brief as possible. My tendency to Ramble I will try to corral!

After the opening, Exit No. 6 Showed the Synergy of Luxe And Sport in the most Decadent way... A Fluffy SNOW White Fox Chubby worn with a Sublime Pencil Skirt in Linen embroidered in White flowers and a Easy and Louche Deep, Tie Neck Blouse. Exit No. 7 was the Epitome of Perfection in a Virgin White Double-Breasted Trench that spoke volumes to the Dictum of That Wise Sage, Diana Vreeland, That "Elegance IS Refusal!" This was Equally Restrained and Extrovert!

Then Exit No. 21 Elevated Denim to Olympian Heights with a Bathing suit top and Long circle skirt both in Embroidered Denim colored lace that moved seamlessly along the line of Lavish and Casual as it was paired with a Cardigan in the same shade. Exit No. 26 was one of those winning outfits that comprised the simplest elements of Sportswear but the way they were put together Launched them into the Outer Realms of Chic in just a simple Pencil Striped tie-neck blouse worn with a button-front pencil skirt the colour of a Classic Trench that edged both into the 40's and 70's with fluid ease!

Exit No. 32 was either A Saucy School Marm of the Golden Age of Hollywood or A Young Ali McGraw Era Collegiate girl and either way she was as compelling and mesmerizing as can be with her belted Heather grey Sweater vest, Cuffed gently poufed sleeve blouse in White and flippy skirt at a most modest length in Camel! Exit No. 49 also had that "It" Factor in that hoary old chestnut of a "Shirt" Dress in Cinnamon with a Python Shoulder Yoke and matching wide Body belt. That it was on Joan Smalls was also a Plus!

The final Three Liquid Jersey Gowns with their Micro-Sequin Embroidered flowers were Paeans to the Glamourous-ness of Ease! They positively OOZED Modern Sensuality and still had that chiseled Figure Exalting cut of the Evening gowns of Hollywood past! The Best in Cocoa on That Gliding Antelope of A Goddess/Woman Karlie Kloss at Exit No. 55.

So from the '40's to the '70's from The Boardwalk to The Red Carpet And from Uptown to Downtown to the Hamptons, Kors plotted a Steady Trajectory of Exquisite Sportif Luxury that reeked of the most Rarefied Richesse and was also Accessible to all the Strata of Society. It was undoubtedly A Masterful showing of Kors' innumerable abilities to Transcend the Mundane and Everyday and Make Casual insanely Luxurious and make the Exquisite adaptable to the masses... it's a secret of his success that will keep him on the top of the heap for as long as he wants to be there. And here's to hoping we get another 30 Years of Genius From Mr. Michael Kors. God Willing, more than 30!

That's All.


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