Thursday, January 16, 2014

Proenza Schouler.

Weds. 09/11/2013.


Some houses just have that Bulletproof quality because the Powers That Be have deigned them Untouchable and Industry Darlings. And usually the curse of Industry Darling is that most times (Ghesquiere, Raf Simons, The Rodarte Sisters,  Et Al..) They cannot design to save their goddamn lives! Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCullough prove that beyond a Shadow of a Doubt! The collection for Spring 2014 was just as dreadfully Incoherent as a Madman with Tourettes! INEXPLICABLE! WHO, WHO IN THE DAMN HELL Is dressing like this? Where do these women exist? I wanna know cus I KNOW I am the only one NOT Getting it, But I wanna have proof that the reason I am not is because there are some tragic women out there wearing these mistakes of fashion that should have had the designers exercising their Pro-Choice Options before these Abominations were given life! 

There were Moments of Lucidity that produced some nice options but the overwhelming feeling was that Jack and Lazaro were Dumpster Diving through the Castoff bins of Celine and only giving what they found there a Tweak and a Nudge and calling it Proenza Schouler! It started fairly well with a Black Jacket with Blond Suede Fold back "Lapels" held in place by Shiny metal Turnlock Closures paired with Alabaster Pants that were cropped and looked more like a skirt than pants, but it was OK. The Look Worked. Exit No. 2 was also treading down the acceptable road with that same Blonde Coloured Suede cut into a tight waisted tunic top with Shiny Barbell closures and another pair of Cropped pants... these Bell Bottom instead of Split Skirt style.

Things stayed a nice course in the beginning, but when they DID begin to devolve, the train wreck happened fast and without much lead up! By Exit No. 11 the wheels had come off the bus! Where it Careened then was anyone's Guess! Painting Stripes on some of the most Ungainly Black pieces as well on other colours... and all those Black and White or Ecru branch pattern like pieces just strained one's eye as well as credulity! And Then, Pleat-O-Rama! At their length... around mid calf, the skirts and dresses that the models wore, well frankly, they aged the models and look dated all the way back to 1982 when Secretaries wore them! Horrendous! 

It was a Confused Mess as per usual Chez Proenza Schouler. Industry DAHLINKS they may well be, but that has no bearing on the fact that they have some of the most distractingly BAD taste in all of fashion. This collection did nothing to Challenge that assertion! 

That's All.


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