Monday, January 6, 2014

Diesel Black Gold And Jenny Packham.

Tues. 09/10/2013.

Diesel Has a pretty recognizable Signature, one that doesn't need a lot of tampering with to still be viable and profitable. But Renzo Rosso, Owner of Diesel, as of late has had bigger intentions than being a Cutting edge, Hip Denim label! Cue Diesel Black Gold.  Andreas Melbostad has in his Sophomore Collection for the Denim house didn't reinvent the Wheel or for that matter the Brand DNA of the Label but did give it a Certain Identity for higher end acceptance. That Identity is running in concurrence with the Vibe being apotheosized by Peter Dundas at Pucci and Olivier Rousteing at Balmain. The Rich Bitch Jet Set Rocker Chick!

In that vein... this collection seemed geared to that customers Younger, more freer Little Sister. It didn't have the High Sheen Polish of the aforementioned Labels, and it doesn't necessarily need it to be relevant either. In what it is trying to accomplish it is doing so and not breaking any boundaries doing it but more so gently moving things forward at a steady clip!

The clothes were replete with the requisite accoutrements of the style... Studs on Leather, Check! Grommets, Check! Leather and Denim, Check! Bohemian Flavour, Check! All the elements were there and conspired to give this collection all the right moves and still had it's own Flair!

Starting with a White Leather Shift dress with a Hanky Drop Hem and Replete with Studs and Grommets as well as Mirrored Discs which gave a bit of an Indian Touch to the collection. The show started with All White, (Big Surprise) And progressed through Washed out Desert pastels to finish with a strong Black Section that truly Rocked and Rolled! It was Easy and Luxe and Damn Sexy as well. But the main thing it was Fresh! It felt very NOW, and Very much the kind of stuff all the Hot, Young Things will be clamouring for come Spring '14!

Jenny Packham.

For Spring 2014 it was a mostly Uninspiring affair at Jenny Packham. Another All Evening Collection and one that fizzled in the excitement department. The Collection felt Surprisingly flat and weak. Mostly it felt, Dated. Retro, But with no sense of Modernization or Contemporization. This was one collection that was as easily forgettable as it was dull and boring.

I know Packham as of late has garnered some major press and some celebrity hangers wearing her wares... but I cannot envision anyone wanting to look this Old and Frumpy in modern Hollywood. Or anywhere for that matter!

That's All.


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