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Weds. 09/11/2013.


Talk about taking an Idea and running with it! Milly's Michelle Smith went Mesh Mad for Spring 2014 and it shouldn't surprise anyone that at the very least ONE Designer this season wouldn't take that Athletic Mesh that has shown up in nearly every collection so far of the NY season and build a collection around it!

In Smith's hands though the Athleticism of the Mesh was clearly erased in favor of a Ripe, Sensual Femininity made askew by the fact that it was still.... MESH! The Opening Salvo had all the hallmarks of Dolce and Gabbana Gone Sporty, with it's Corsetry and Electric Yellow briefs showing through the White Mesh. Smith said she was inspired by traditional notions of Femininity... well if that was the case, she hit the mark Smack Dab on the Head! Brassieres, Briefs, Shimmy Skirts, Granny Panties... it was all there! And executed in such a Delightfully Charming manner that one could not help but smirk a little like a naughty schoolboy who was getting flashes of more Woman Flesh than he ever imagined he would!

The Play of Longer lengths and body-encasing silhouettes turned the notions on their ear and made them Modern by a country mile in comparison to if Smith had reigned it in and not went so ballsy with the looks. In doing so she also proposed a very Empowering view that gave the acceptance of near nakedness sheathed in the barest mesh validity!

After the opening daring ideas, Smith gently U-Turned to beautiful florals with a Hothouse Tropical feel to them... not Hawaiian Tropics... More Amazonian Tropics. Paired as they were, At first, on a Celadon Green back mixed with bright Orange (A Season Staple it seems) they came off as innately playful but not cheeky. A brief respite in Exit No. 12 had a Moschino sensibility to it with it's Zig-Zag Pastry cutter edge Jacket in Cadet Blue paired with a more aquatic green/blue top and a Plum coloured shimmy skirt!

Along the way there was more (MUCH More) Mesh and more Alluding to the Feminine Craft of D&G but it in no way felt as it was aping that much recognized Sicilian Signature nor did it feel like it was mocking it. It was a Fresh and Witty interpolation of familiar codes and done with as much seriousness and devotion to the idea as it was Tongue-In-Cheek! The Combination was Irresistible and Ultimately, Wholly Satisfying.

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