Friday, January 17, 2014

Philosophy By Natalie Ratabesi.

Weds. 09/11/2013.

Philosophy By Natalie Ratabesi.

What a Breath of Fresh Air this collection was! Sublimely Relaxed and Calm, Languid, Liquid and Unfettered! There was just something so Transportive about this Philosophy Collection, Natalie Ratabesi who has taken the reigns of the house from Alberta Ferretti at Ms. Ferretti's Behest (so she could put her total focus on her Eponymous Collection) shows that she is entirely capable of projecting this label into the future and on a path of success!

The collection truly floated and wafted at times down the runway and seemed to blow like a breeze through the Showroom. The Colours were Sorbet Fresh but mainly focused on White and MORE White. There was Generous Slouch to much of the collection but that didn't lend any bulkiness or lumpen qualities to the collection. In fact it was as Lean as it was Spare. Mainly because of the Reliance on Bias cutting and Asymmetric hems that gave everything Lift and Airiness.

A White Stretchy Alaia-Esque Tank dress at Exit No. 12 was one of the Standout Pieces with it's Tiered Ruffled skirt that was as easy as a Tank top! Exit No.19 Captured Cote D'Azur Chic with a Sherbet Pink pair of pants that were wide enough to look like a Split Skirt worn with a creamy Tee. Exit No. 28 also captured the romantic mood of Strolling along a beach in the Mediterranean in a Luscious Lime Green Ensemble.

In the end the collection was a Strong Statement about Relaxed Lightness and Romantic Easiness. Nothing was Rough Hewn or Harsh, it was all Gentle and Feather Light, As a Whisper from a lover... and how that could ever be anything but Utterly Desirable, One cannot fathom!

That's All.


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